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  1. Update on my situation, I finally figured it out and fixed it. I plugged my ram in the 2nd and 4th slot, then shorted JBAT1 with a screwdriver and it posted so all is good now!
  2. So I tried individual sticks and each ramp slot, and even tried my old ram, individually in each slot alternating when it wouldn't post, and still having issues
  3. so, a few months back my PC broke and I decided to make me a new pc because I couldn't find out the issue, I made another post on it because I used the same ram to try and upgrade my old system and it wouldn't post, and then when I installed the old stuff it wouldn't post still. I built a new pc and I'm using an MSI z490 gaming plus motherboard, and I'm using Corsair Vengeance RGB 32 gig 3600 MHz ram, I built this new pc and it posted just fine. I have my roommate helping me put some stuff away after building and they said something came up on the monitor about RAM and wrong channel but I came back in and it instantly went away and started to install Windows period and I looked in the ram channels and they're both in the right place first channel and third channel. Everything was working fine, I installed steam Discord and the works, and then I decided to restart my PC, now the dram light is on , and my my manual for my motherboard does not say anything about that other than saying that there was a failure or there's a fault with the ram.I tried just one stick of ran in the second channel, I reseeded the ram, I put it in the third and fourth channel. It still will not post and the dram light is on, also it will power off and on after I turn it on at first
  4. I honestly don't know. I'm a little bit clueless.
  5. I will try reseating it again, that's RGB and it's lighting up and everything so I don't know if that is it or not. I kind of do want to get a new pc though because my current motherboard doesn't have much room to upgrade, only up to a i9 9900k and seeing how there's a new socket type I'm kind of assuming that until will keep this new socket for a little bit and get the major transaction out of the way
  6. yeah, that's what I'm thinking about doing is probably just building a whole new system. I can afford it in about a month's time and have it built by the time cyberpunk comes out. My hopes is to give my graphics card to a friend of mine and possibly donate the PC to PC parts place near me or give it to a friend of mine
  7. I am at work too, and I will be for another 8 hours LOL but I will look after, I'm about to say screw it and just build me an entire new pc LOL
  8. I've reseated the ram a few times, and my motherboard is not beeping at me. It has these LEDs for troubleshooting, and it keeps flashing dram and CPU. The problem is it flashes this almost all the time so I don't know if that is telling me something or not.
  9. About a week ago my computer started to get a little slow, and I reinstalled windows and that didnt help at all. So my last paycheck I got me some new Memory, Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x32 3600mhz ram, a 500 gig SSD, and a 4 TB HDD, before I just had a HDD hence me getting a SSD. The thing is, I installed the new hardware today after making a boot drive and it wouldnt post. I tried putting in the ram again in different slots, I tried to unplug each new drive I got individually and change out sata cables, and then I just wanted to see for troubleshooting reasons, what would happen if I just went with my old HDD and Ram, and it didnt post, and I am kinda clueless, any suggestions? i5 9600k RTX 2070 16gb DDR4 2800 ram Windows 10 600W PSU MSI Z390 Gaming Plus Mobo 1TB HDD (Build beforehand) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.