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  1. So I am having this weird issue where my mouse (or any other mouse I use on this PC for that matter) will not click in certain windows. There are times where I cant click ANYTHING in Discord, but I can in chrome, also cant click anything on taskbar. BUT if I go into CTRL + Alt+ Delete, I can go and move my mouse over the options and then click cancel and then my mouse starts to work again. I have tried different ports, and different mice, unplugged Keyboard and others and tried to use it and it not work WHATSOEVER but when I hit CTRL + Alt + Del it will magically work again for a little bit. N
  2. Internet went out due to winter storm, but I wasnt getting any freezing as of yet but lately when also downloading games through steam it starts to lag so I took a screenshot here
  3. I will take a look into the HDD activity, and thank you for looking into media and playback
  4. There are a few games like Cyberpunk loaded up on SSD but most are installed on HDD. The only things running in the background are like.... MSI Stuff, Razer, Origin which I closed, ICUE, and Xbox stuff which I dont know why that is running. But I will say after playing Doom for a bit there were no freezes or stuttering, just the occassional little blip that was like a single frame, and that was happening every once in a while. My main thing is the PC freezing when watching media, like Disney+ and youtube.
  5. Thank you, I will try, I ended up uninstalling Modern Warfare and just playing Doom Eternal right now and am not experiencing much issues, I am using Ultra Nightmare Performance Metrics and every once in a while on the lines for FPS, TOTAL, CPU, GPU, the lines will all be green and then there will be a red line across all three and the numbers for the CPU and GPU at the top will go red.
  6. The last couple of days I have noticed on my rig that it has been stuttering on my PC and freezing, I would move my mouse around and it would freeze along with the video. I launched Warzone earlier because I was just testing it out and seeing how it was and I got periodic freezes, but getting about 130FPS Ultra everything. I then closed the game and tried Doom Eternal, and it isnt as bad but it is freezing in that too. I want some recommendations as to what I should do and how to find out what the problem is i9 10850k RTX 2070 Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB V2 32GB DDR3 3600 ram 4TB HDD
  7. Update on my situation, I finally figured it out and fixed it. I plugged my ram in the 2nd and 4th slot, then shorted JBAT1 with a screwdriver and it posted so all is good now!
  8. So I tried individual sticks and each ramp slot, and even tried my old ram, individually in each slot alternating when it wouldn't post, and still having issues
  9. so, a few months back my PC broke and I decided to make me a new pc because I couldn't find out the issue, I made another post on it because I used the same ram to try and upgrade my old system and it wouldn't post, and then when I installed the old stuff it wouldn't post still. I built a new pc and I'm using an MSI z490 gaming plus motherboard, and I'm using Corsair Vengeance RGB 32 gig 3600 MHz ram, I built this new pc and it posted just fine. I have my roommate helping me put some stuff away after building and they said something came up on the monitor about RAM and wrong channel but I came
  10. I will try reseating it again, that's RGB and it's lighting up and everything so I don't know if that is it or not. I kind of do want to get a new pc though because my current motherboard doesn't have much room to upgrade, only up to a i9 9900k and seeing how there's a new socket type I'm kind of assuming that until will keep this new socket for a little bit and get the major transaction out of the way
  11. yeah, that's what I'm thinking about doing is probably just building a whole new system. I can afford it in about a month's time and have it built by the time cyberpunk comes out. My hopes is to give my graphics card to a friend of mine and possibly donate the PC to PC parts place near me or give it to a friend of mine
  12. I am at work too, and I will be for another 8 hours LOL but I will look after, I'm about to say screw it and just build me an entire new pc LOL