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    Freesync quirks

    Hello all, I purchased a Gigabyte G34WQC monitor. It has freesync premium, allegedly is g-sync compatible and is 144hz. My computer is the Asus ROG strix scar ii laptop (GL504GW). It has an RTX 2070 with both mDP (1.2) and HDMI (2.0b) out from the card itself. Here's what I'm experiencing (resolution is always 3440x1440): At 60Hz, everything is fine. At 100Hz, I can run games fine now that I've upgraded to a UHS hdmi cable however if I turn the monitor off or turn freesync on or off, signal is lost entirely until I reduce back down to 60Hz. Before upgrading the cable (lead that came with the monitor was only high speed) games would intermittently flicker black. I cannot see any option to enable gsync in the nvidia control panel but the monitor allegedly supports it. I have an mDP to DP on order to see however does anyone know why I'm having this freesync problem? I understand that i can't increase to 144hz because of the ports on the laptop (all the monitor ports support it no issue) but why is it being so temperamental at 100hz and why can't I see gsync? I have all the latest drivers and have been through the manuals ad nauseum regarding differences between the ports. Not been involved in the scene for a long time so any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt as I dont have lots of experience buying monitors but if you want something of (potentially) higher quality than the gigabyte but still not too expensive how about the MSI Optix MAG341CQ or the Asus TUF VG35VQ? I'd look at some reviews but specs are similar with what looks to be better build quality.
  3. I can update after troubleshooting it for most of the evening that the issue of losing signal was down to me running it at 100hz via my laptop's hdmi port which did not support it (user error). Switching it down to 60hz via hdmi fixes this. I have a mDP on order which should allow it to run at 144hz. What is the fault of the unit though is that the joystick is trash, as per my first comment, wont register and up command and wont turn off. GL to you mate. If I were doing it again, I would spend a couple hundred quid extra and save the headache.
  4. Some of this will likely be user error but nonetheless at this point I can't recommend it. Initially it had random green flickering pixels and a line across the lower half of the screen. This went away when I changed the hdmi lead (previous one worked fine on old monitor). Then the joystick control stopped registering an "up" input. Then I discovered that games caused the monitor/laptop to lose signal with freesync turned on; then when turning freesync off, I found out that doing so causes the monitor to entirely lose all signal without a hard reset. Between the above, the fact that it won't turn off without unplugging the power lead (another joystick problem) and that it was advertised in the UK as having G-sync (at least g-sync compatible) but doesn't appear to, I am not impressed. Going to return in case I have a faulty unit but im starting to fear this is a case of you get what you pay for...