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  1. Can anyone say tell me how to fix the 100% disk usage problem ? PLEASE HELP !
  2. I want a help ! I want to know that which is the best country in the world that is best for becoming a computer hardware engineer or computer software engineer. I will appreciate if you guys can help me.
  3. I think the new ASUS laptops are fire, I love themm 😻😍

    1. p swarup_india

      p swarup_india

      why do you want to know that ?


    2. Rudra Patel

      Rudra Patel

      This was written by mistake, I realised it when you wrote this .

      Thank You.

      Now I changed it.

  4. Many of us (especially Indians) are not allowed to get a gaming PC so we have to play with a budget PC that can't play any new games. So we can discuss some ways to improve the graphics that come in every laptop or computer these days that is called integrated graphics.