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  1. Yeah, I realized when I was doing overclocking. Again it was a one time thing as I wanted to test how good my liquid cooling solution.
  2. @MoonzyYeah makes sense. Funny you say that because I was trying to get my 3900x to overclock to 4.5ghz and managed to do so while it being at 91 degrees. ( It was a one time thing) . And I had my CPU voltage on 1.5v
  3. Also can't you put liquid rubber along the PCB to make sure the condensation does not cause short in the motherboard
  4. Yes I am very unware of this, also I thought with aquarium chiller you can set at the lowest ambient temperature recommended as told in the video. Also what are the issues I am very curious.
  5. The thing to remember about Machine Learning is that it is really vast. Are you going to be doing deep learning with 5-10 convolutional layers and 400 neurons or something. I can run a serious deep learning algorthim on a jetson nano WITH 300 CUDA CORES! So if you want portability any of the RTX serious card will do, and for compiling you would at least want 12 threads.
  6. Sorry my mistake it is called a aquarium chiller. I have put the video of what I was talking about below
  7. Hi all, I was wondering can you really use a Aquarium cooler to cool a PC. Now I have watched Linus using it on a Threadripper, but I felt it was a bit vague and there was no follow up on it as far as I know.