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  1. only difference between threadripper and threadripper pro is extra security
  2. it will be more than enough for even an i5 7500 and gtx 1050
  3. pro is only for businesses and pros who need more security than you that is why it is only available on oems
  4. capture card pros= more resolution and refresh rate cons=latency streaming directly pros= low latency cons= lower resolution and refresh rate so it is your choice latency or resolution and refresh rate
  5. maybe your mobo cannot handle your cpu's power requirement just check that and then message again
  6. i would say wait because of the apple mi chip so intel and amd will have to launch much more powerful processors than any o these so just wait a few months
  7. hey guys i have a hp pavilion 14 with an i7 8565u so should i download the hp drivers or the drivers from intel?
  8. this look pretty good but i would advise you to hold off till January when the 5600 and rtx 3060 will launch
  9. your cooler might not be making good contact with your cpu
  10. i fear that amd has stopped production of the ryzen 5 3600