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  1. My old HP laptop is refusing to start on battery when I turn it on I showed this screen and turn on and off over and over. Still have juice inside it Working fine just few days ago.
  2. I have been using it for about 2 years and like some tools of it, recently I got my harddrive cashed that why install it again on SSD.
  3. I am trying to install Linux on ssd dual boot with windows 10 But while configuration disk partition, it showing partition which I create to install Linux unusable. When I proceed with unusable It asked how to use with free space And then it says The free space starts from (25997,238.33) and ends at (29185,80,62). What should I do now?
  4. Hello, I have I have acer Nitro 5 An 515-52 Equipped Intel I5 8300h, GTX 1050ti On gaming while plugged in It's Cpu temperature reaches 90°C even if I play games on the lowest graphic settings I have tried repasting, the air intake in also clean and free of dust then why it is happening?
  5. Is it possible to video call or use Skype on tv with webcam ?
  6. Which partition type should Use to install windows on SSD. Logical or primary
  7. Why many people have bird with moving head on their profile picture on LTT forum.
  8. A year ago I had option to chose between two laptop 1. Intel i5 8300h with 1050ti 2. Amd ryzen 3550h with 1650 And I choosen 1st one because I thought Intel processor are more reliable. Now I am regretting.
  9. Then why not buy amd processor which costs less and perform better then Intel?
  10. Will an Intel CPU lasts longer than an amd CPU with same usage?
  11. Hello, Is it possible to install Mac os on a PC ? I always wanted to experience mac os but I don't want to buy one because they are overpriced and expensive.
  12. How to know if I can apply liquid metal to the processor. How to know what the upper part of processor is made of, So it will not course erosion.
  13. It is just 10 months old, I did complaint about this and acer sent a technician who repaste it but that didn't solve the problem so i just undervolt cpu and now its reaching maximum 87°C. I am not concerned about throttling, I just don't want my my CPU to die early.