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  1. Hey guys I was able to fix this issue using a solution i found on reddit. BIOS->OVERCLOCKING SETTINGS->Advanced Power Configuration -> Long duration power limit 500 w -> Short duration power limit 500 W. Basically set the long duration and short duration power limit in the BIOS to 500 W
  2. Did you find a solution for this? Saw a reddit thread which suggested reducing the power limit to 500 in the BIOS and seems to work. Try it.
  3. I have recently built a new PC with the specs mentioned below. Everything was fine until a day ago. All the parts except the graphics card are new(waiting for the 30 series). I am able to run the 10700k at 4.8ghz for all application including cinebench r20 and get a score of around 4835 with thermals under control. The trouble starts only when I launch certain games(Valorant in this case). After a minute or two of playing the cpu locks to 800mhz. A quick restart usually fixes this issue and Im able to play without issue for couple of hours. However recently it takes more than one restart to get it to stop locking at 800 mhz. Once it works, it works well for the rest of my gaming session and I have no issues till the next time I play..Once its locked at 800mhz even exiting the game dosent change anything. The PC has to restarted to get it back at its expected clocks. I am inclined towards this being an software/BIOS issue as once it starts working(stops locking to 800mhz) , it works fine for however long I run the game (2-5 hours). Running Hwinfo indicated that cpu was not thermal throttling(max temps were around 60C) however the core power limit was exceeded which is weird cause it runs cinebench r20 perfectly without exceeding the power limits and only happens when I play. BIOS settings- Only enabled XMP and the pre defined gaming offset which comes in bios(increase base clock from 3.7 to 4.7) System specs- CPU -Intel 10700k Motherboard- MSI MPG z490 gaming edge wifi Ram- Gskill Trident Z rgb 3200 mhz (8gbx2) PSU NZXT C850 GPU -nvidia gtx1050 ti(from my old PC) AIO cooler - Corsair h100i rgb platinum. This is getting really annoying especially with restart sometimes not resolving the issue. Any help is appreciated.