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  1. I like the photos of the cable management. Looks clean, nice work!
  2. I'm going to suggest something a little unconventional. Not for everyone, but if you want something unique and powerful, check out what System 76 has to offer: https://system76.com/laptops
  3. I would totally donate mine to LTT so they could make a early 2000s sleeper build. Too bad shipping would cost a fortune
  4. Anyone remember these things??? Built like a tank and so large you can park a jet inside. I've had mine for years and finally upgraded to something more modern. I found this review from 2003: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/457/thermaltake_xaser_iii_super_tower_case_review/index.html Some cool features: 7 80mm fans can fit 12 hard drives temperature and fan control expansion The front panel has a lock and key! can fit a server ATX board. Cons: USB 2.0 VERY HEAVY, solid thick steel supports and panels all around large pci-e cards get in the way of the side fans no back panel (cable management was not big in 2003) Might make a cool project if somebody were to 'modernize' this case. Has anyone else owned one of these cases, and has there been any such projects recently?