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  1. Yeah I guess that does make a lot of sense. Thank you for answering my question though!
  2. Thank you for enlightening me. I'm genuinely curious of how games would perform if they require dual cpu's.
  3. I meant PC's but yeah I guess it was sort of a stupid question .-.
  4. If games or software require a lot of CPU juice, there would be a demand for dual socket mobo's right?
  5. Might be a dumb, boomer question, but it got me thinking. If motherboards can support 2 identical GPU's, could they also support 2 identical CPU's? I'm bored so I'm just wondering what the future of PC building would be like.
  6. I go with any budget, I just need options. I'm making a wishlist so yeah I just wanna get some choices :)))
  7. Currently I'm using a low-budget pair of studio headphones (Samson SR850) and I'm still wondering if there's anything better than this. Not that I'm complaining about it, it sounds good and it captures raw sound pretty nicely. There's no added bass or any fancy additions to the headphones which I really like. I wanna ask you guys if there's any kind of studio headphones that are better in terms of sound quality and build quality? Also how comfortable it is because I use it everyday for long periods of time. Would love to know some recommendations!
  8. Thanks! I watch Taeha Types but I'm still a complete normie when it comes to these terms. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Yes this is exactly the kind of sound I need!! Thanks so much!
  10. To further elaborate, I want a gaming keyboard, either tactile or linear, that has some sort of low pitch sound when it's pressed down. Not that familiar with keyboard terms, because I'm just putting my peripherals on a wish list and I haven't done enough research. If you have any keyboard type test videos so I can hear the kind of sound I wanna hear, that would be great!
  11. Yeah I meant playing new AAA titles like ones from Ubisoft or some other big game right now. Thank you for answering the question though!
  12. I have been using my PC for 4 years now, it's showing signs of age, and my graphics card used to be pretty fast during that time running my favorite games at 100 FPS. Is the RX 560 still a good standard for today's graphics cards?