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  1. Thank you for the much needed information! Your insight about the Outemu switches is worth noting since I'll be buying a different set of key switches at some point in my life.
  2. I got my first ever mechanical keyboard! After looking at different keyboard YouTubers and fantasizing what it's like to type on a mech keyboard one day, I finally got it! Some backstory, I've always had those cheap office membrane keyboards ever since I had a computer. Now for my mech keyboard, it is the Redragon k552 Kumara mechanical keyboard. It has Outemu blue switches (i wanted red switches but they were out of stock) and it has full RGB! It's a hotswappable one so I think I will be using this for the long term. Do you guys have some tips on how to take care of it? I plan on using this f
  3. Unfortunately, didn't use ddrescue. Still used Stellar Data Recovery to save time and it already started recovering. The output I cannot show because it's mostly family photos I gout out of it. Also a powerpoint that doesn't even read but, eh I don't really care about school projects. What I'm concerned about is the raw footage from my trip which wasn't recovered due to the 1 GB limit. If this fails, I will try ddrescue.
  4. I recently did that, so I'm making a folder to put all the files I scavenged in one place.
  5. Thank you! I will try to do that when my software didn't fully recover my media files.
  6. I am currently recovering my flash drive with Stellar Data Recovery. Found it lying around the closet and it was unusable because it was write protected, can't even format it. So I recovered it with said software. Since I'm new to data recovery, what data recovery software do you recommend? It is much preferred if it is free.
  7. I get motivated by watching a video game trailer or something worth anticipating. Sometimes when you're down and you feel like ending it all, trailers can sort of help you get through the day. The happiness might be gone, but the anticipation and the hope for better days will soon come.
  8. Thank you for clarifying the SSD and HDD part. I was worried of buying used hard drives because I might see something I shouldn't see. Like 400 gigs of "Homework" or 5 seasons of Sesame Street.
  9. Just a general question. I'm planning for a build next year and due to the questionable budget, I might have to cheap out on some other parts, but I am not sure what exactly. I'm aware of not buying a cheap power supply, however I am curious to know what hardware to buy even if it is used.
  10. Yeah I guess that does make a lot of sense. Thank you for answering my question though!
  11. Thank you for enlightening me. I'm genuinely curious of how games would perform if they require dual cpu's.
  12. I meant PC's but yeah I guess it was sort of a stupid question .-.
  13. If games or software require a lot of CPU juice, there would be a demand for dual socket mobo's right?
  14. Might be a dumb, boomer question, but it got me thinking. If motherboards can support 2 identical GPU's, could they also support 2 identical CPU's? I'm bored so I'm just wondering what the future of PC building would be like.