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  1. Oh, I see. So its a mix of marketing bs with liitle to no real life benefits
  2. I was looking at some newer motherboards like x570, z490 and most of them advertise 2oz copper pcb. Whaf does this mean? Is it a thicker pcb for better electrical conductivity for better oc or just some mumbo jumbo marketing bs?
  3. I keep my pc in a closed room with Air Conditioner and I also keep silica gel packets inside the case. Never had issues with other pc components apart from the psu fan grills and pc case side panels rusting slightly near the mounting and rivet points.
  4. <removed by staff> Yes I live near the ocean so rusting of metal parts because of salty air is a bit of an issue here. So I was thinking about coating them in some sort of quick drying air barrier and transparent nail polish came to my mind. Already have extra screws but changing them too often will strip the case screwing points. And if they do strip down I have to use small screws with those bolts or whatever they are called.
  5. Hello, I live in a humid area and wanted to know if using nail polish on screw heads can prevent them from rusting. Also can I clean metal parts that have stains like io shield and tempered glass with acetone, as I have some extra laying around. I hope acetone won't cause rusting.