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  1. Anyways problem solved. Reseated all cables, pushed the gpu in a bit even though it didn't budge and voltages are back to normal in line with the Fluke. The bump to the case might have made the connection loose somewhere.
  2. Then how come 1 month back the voltages were more near to what the multimeter was reading?
  3. How come Bios and Multimeter measurement have such difference? They should be near to each other
  4. Hi, For few days I am noticing that my voltage in Bios and HWinfo is going below 5V and 12V @4.996 and 11.991. Now I hooked up a multimeter to a spare molex female plug and read the voltages and they were as stable as they can be @5.04 and 12.07 Also yesterday my brother bumped himself on my PC case while I was playing Forza and PC restarted but didn't post. I thought that ram may have come loose so I reattached it and all is working fine. Also bios was not detecting correct amount of ram so I reset it. So what kind of issue is this? psu is antec eag 750
  5. I just got the Dolby Atmos App and wanted to know if Installing it would overheat the onboard Realtek ALC1200 chip in anyway. Thanks
  6. They are all connected to the same controller and they have the same static effect and one of them is ghosting out while the other stays okay.
  7. The leds don't display proper colour and flicker. Are the LED'd dead? Other fans work fine. Fans are Silverstone AB120R. The fans has its pwm connection disconnected so its not spinning in the video. VID_20210921_122209.mp4
  8. It wont damage the memory foam/PU leather?
  9. Recently I saw that both earcups of my headphone Lenovo H300 developed some sort of greenish white mold/fungus in some places. I cleaned it and the wiped the cups with some Dettol surface disinfectant and then with Savlon antiseptic liquid+Absolute Alcohol. I think that this happened maybe because of damp weather and me using it for a constant 3hour gaming session+sweat combined. And yes my home is literally mold+fungus free and I bath twice a day I didn't try bleach as I thought it will do more harm to the memory foam pads than do good. Anyway to preve
  10. Very Well, thanks all. Off to my man cave to grind Apex.
  11. So since I already used IPA to clean it, do I need to do anything more? Or just leave it as it is
  12. So wiping it with the above said spirit won't cause any issues I guess? Should I wipe with a very very thin film of mineral oil?
  13. Hey all, I was in the process of cleaning the gpu after a 6 months of not dusting and a whole week of rainfall and I notice this thing on the IO plate. Its like a hard residue that I can't remove even with hard spirit which is 92-95% IPA and 0.5% acetone. What the spirit did was just make the surface squeaky clean and removed my finger oils that were there from cleaning. So what is this thing? Doesn't look like rust or corrosion. Looks like the surface coating has developed some sort of tarnish or oxidation.