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  1. Very Well, thanks all. Off to my man cave to grind Apex.
  2. So since I already used IPA to clean it, do I need to do anything more? Or just leave it as it is
  3. So wiping it with the above said spirit won't cause any issues I guess? Should I wipe with a very very thin film of mineral oil?
  4. Hey all, I was in the process of cleaning the gpu after a 6 months of not dusting and a whole week of rainfall and I notice this thing on the IO plate. Its like a hard residue that I can't remove even with hard spirit which is 92-95% IPA and 0.5% acetone. What the spirit did was just make the surface squeaky clean and removed my finger oils that were there from cleaning. So what is this thing? Doesn't look like rust or corrosion. Looks like the surface coating has developed some sort of tarnish or oxidation.
  5. Got hold of some plugs. Will be using them. Thanks all for your valuable responses.
  6. Okay. I have removed all tapes. As you guys said it gets quite hot and tape's glue will melt and create another mess for me to clean. I am keeping the ports as it was from factory and since I use my PC nearly everyday or once or twice every 2days I am safe from moisture too I guess.
  7. Okay dust can be cleaned off, but what about humidity? Will the tape protect against that?
  8. True. But the port covers are too overpriced. And importing them from China looks like a hassle. Anyways I added some silica packs near the front intakes to atleast help absorb some moisture.
  9. Actually its quite dusty in my area so thought of giving the ports atleast some protection. Don't think it will be much effective against moisture but still will keep on for dust protection. Thanks for the prompt response
  10. Is it okay to cover up the unused output ports of the gpu with masking tape? My gpu didn't come with any port protectors so I used some tape to avoid dust and possibly moisture to get in and rust the ports.
  11. The sound can be heard after long gaming session if I go behind the cabinet. On idle I have to put my ear on the psu to hear it. The sound is coming from the transformer area and can be coil whine. Saw an article by @jonnyGURU explaining this. Also on full load the fan spins up so it maybe fan bearing noise also like you said.
  12. Hello Is it normal for psu transformer to buzz when pc is on high load? My mains is @220V psu is Antec EAG Gold 750W (Seasonic Focus GM) I have a Ryzen 3600+x570+1660s+8,8gb ram+1hd+2ssd+2x200mmfan+3x120mm+1xaio and 2x argb led strip.
  13. Nvm guys. Returning it for a full refund. Found 3dead pixels in the black screen. Two in centre and one in top.
  14. Monitor gurus, need your help. I bought my friend a monitor but it has this weird gradient/glow on the entire top edge. Its not BLB or IPS glow but looks like something else. Is this somewhat acceptable defect?
  15. Are external usb extensions safe to use? The usb port on the cabinet broke so I attached a external extension to the usb port and passed it through the cabinet pci brackets onto my desk. The cabinet had 1slot and 1wire but this has 2slots and 2wires. The wires are bit thicker so I zip-tied them to the psu shroud so that they don't yeet the connector out. Now I have no idea about these things so the question is will it pull more current and damage the motherboard or is it normal for hubs to have 2ports or usb 3 to support two ports. My hub is similar to this: https://