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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    X570 Gaming Edge WIFI
  • RAM
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    H510 ELITE
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    600 WATT EVGA 80+ BRONZE
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    SAMSUNG 144HZ 1440P
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    NZXT M22 AIO
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    WINDOWS 10
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  1. R5 3600 2070 super 16gb 3600mhz corsair 600w 80+ bronze evga x570 gaming edge wifi Recntly, I was installing a new bracket on my aio because it broke, but NZXT Didnt send us the right one. after I took it apart, and than put it back with a different cooler, it no longer booted, just a red led on the debug light saying cpu... I have tried using my brothers ram, swapping the ram out and putting my cpu in his build, it booted up fine, I also just got the new card and I really dont think thats the problem. The gpu does have power, is pkugged into the pci express slot. two out of the maybe 15 times I tested it it said it was ram, but I also tried my ram in my brothers computer and it was fine. I am guessing it is the mobo, after trying all these mthods, even resetting cmos a few times, I hink it is the mobo, maybe a faulty cpu socket, bad connections. btw everything is plugged in and the cpu does get power as I can feel the warmth when trying to boot. I am going to contact msi and ask for some help, but anything I havent already tried might work?
  2. thx, but i have don ethat many times... maybe thermal paste in the cpu socket?
  3. recently replaced my cooler temproriy because the bracket was broken, in the proccess i put in a new cooler of course. when i tried to boot up it was stuck in a loop, fans ramped up and down, ram rgb turned off and on and the mobo light said cpu, i took it out to see no bent pins, psu seems to work as gpu and mobo an d cpu on. any help? this is my primary computer for school and its broken :(( r5 3600 2070 super x570 gaming edge wifi 600w psu evga 80+ b
  4. Hello My 2070 super has a problem in games, I am seeing a flashing rectangle on the side of my games, and all 3d applications including my rgb software icue, minecraft, and some other games, i havce tried reinstalling drivers, clean reset, trying new cables, adjusting game settings, refresh rate and resolution, but nothing works, I have installed both studio and game drivers to test both and both still have the same issue, i attached a clip of raimbow six siege with it, any help? X570 Gaming EDGE WIFI 3600 R5 2070 SUPER, MSI WINDFORCE OC 3600MHZ CORSAIR RGB PRO 2X8GB Tom_Clancy's_Rainbow_Six__Siege_2020_08.29_-_18_15_18.01_Trim.mp4
  5. Hi i have a msi 2070 super, during idle i get like 30degrees c so i would want to turn the fan off, but in msi afterburner there is no way to go below 1000rpm, and it dramatically increases the noise in my case for the fans to be on for no reason? are there any other methods or software i can use to fix?
  6. Its a kingston a400 480gb sats 3 ssd
  7. Also... To be more specific anything over 4.2ghz oc all the way from 1.34 to 1.41, i get a blue screen under load. and to state the question again, before i could get a 4.4ghz oc, but now i cant?
  8. That was the stock voltage of my chip, I do agree that that is very high and that 3600 does run very hot, i had it under a hyper 212 as well, getting 65 to 70 idle temps and almost 100 under load... ill try that thx, but anything about the oc working before bnut not now?
  9. Ryzen 5 3600 X570 Gaming Edge Wifi Msi Geforce 2070 super windforce oc 2x 8gb 3600mhz corsair rgb pro nzxt m22 aio 600 watt evga 80+ bronze psu I got a stable oc on my 3600, it was at 4.4ghz, which was pretty amazing at right below 4.1 v, i took it out because i wasnt getting great idle temps with my cheap air cooler, so a few weeks later i got a new case and a water cooler, getting better temps, so i decided it would be nice to put the oc back on, but when i went into ryzen master and loaded the same oc, same volatge and core clock, I kept getting blue screens, And i have no idea why it worked before and not now, i cant even get a stable overclock at all, or stable undervolt with any heavy task like premeire exporting or cinebench I get a blue screen. Any help? Nothing changed over that period besides a better cooler and a differnt case, which doesnt really matter.
  10. My kingston 480gb ssd is getting extremely low speeds, Read Speeds of 80 mb/s and 20 - 40 mbps write. I am using a sata 3 cable and my my motherboard (x570 gaming edge wifi) is also sata 3. My hard drive is getting better scores than that? any help