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  1. The system freezes after like a minute. I use a WD blue 2 TB HDD
  2. Yes , i entered everything right.
  3. I need help when I start my windows computer, it starts up really fast. But when I enter my user password, it’s STUCK there! I am very freaked out because it won’t boot up!
  4. When I try to connect to my computer, AMD link keeps on telling me that the service is unavailable! I need some help, please ?
  5. No it is at unlimited
  6. I’m stuck at 30 fps on pc
  7. Hey anyone out there please tell me how to get Fortnite to the max FPS (Frames Per Second)
  8. I just got a windows 10 education key, and when I entered it, it said can’t activate windows! I tried it again and it said that the code is already used! I am so saaaaad! I spent so much money!
  9. I need help! I have 2 4gb RAM sticks that are in my computer, but on windows 10 education (my OS) it only shows 5 GIGABYTE! I need some help fixing this . I wanna play Fortnite!