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  1. Not sure if you saw this or if it affects your decisions now the line, but thought I'd share: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/sabrent-crushes-samsung-worlds-fastest-m2-ssd-rocket-4-plus
  2. I appreciate the additional technical info! For my current build, I think I'm going to use my 1tb 970 Evo Plus, and then at some point I'll get a Pci-e 4.0 drive maybe next year or so (maybe a 2tb one?), and I can always clone over to it. Interestingly, that Samsung link appears to redirect to their homepage now... maybe it was an accident?
  3. You're welcome! Based on the specs/details, is there any telling how it might stack up against e.g. the 970 Evo Plus? And, do you still think it's worth waiting to see what other next-gen offerings come out next year?
  4. Just googled Samsung 980 and noticed it was added to their website: https://www.samsung.com/sg/memory-storage/980-pro-nvme-m2-ssd/MZ-V8P1T0BW/ Any thoughts? Is there anything new on this page (specs-wise) that we didn't already know about? Guessing this means it's release is imminent.
  5. Love the input and support. Thank you so much.
  6. I'm just using the sabrent rocket gen4 as an example, especially since it sounds like a good drive. Sure, any of the others would be fine, such as the Corsair or the others you mention, and I know the 970 Evo Plus isn't special (I mean to add "plus" in my previous post), but that's what I was originally planning on getting (I've had good luck with Samsung I guess). I'm trying to decide if I should get a gen4 or gen3 m.2 drive. Since I read the 980 pro was around the corner, I wasn't sure if it was worth waiting, that's all. The Sabrent Rocket 2tb is close in price as the others (for me) as is the 970 Evo Plus... they're hovering around $350-400 or so. Sure, cheaper is cheaper, though for this build I'm not constrained by budget. That said I agree there's no point in wasting money on something that I won't gain any benefit from. Yeah, the Samsung 980 Pro isn't going to come in and be cheaper than the others, but I'm not guiding my decision based on price. I understand others may be, but I'd like durability and performance, so I'm willing to pay for that (within reason). As I mentioned, I'm unsure of whether or not to take advantage of the gen 4 drives since my x570 board supports it.
  7. Hard to say that I “absolutely need” those sequentials, I’m just trying to gauge whether or not to wait, since I don’t want to wait so long that I can’t return any components if they’re DOA for example. Perhaps I should be deciding between the gen 4 sabrent rocket and the Samsung 970 plus? Even then I’m less sure. I guess I’m tempted to take advantage of the pci-e 4 M2 slots that my x570 board has.
  8. Oh wow, thanks for all this info. It's a bit more than I know about I'll admit, but helpful nonetheless I'm basically debating what m.2 nvme drives to get for my x570 board. I was going to wait for the 980, but I don't know when it will release or the cost, or if I'll be able to fully utilize it. I guess the other option would be to get the gen 4 sabrent rocket, or something like the 970 evo plus. Honestly not sure what to do yet. Since I'm building right now, I need to decide rather soon-ish, or at the very least set everything up and install Windows on one of my 2.5" ssd drives to make sure everything is working right, after which install the m.2 drives and re-install windows and go from there. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks! Edit: if it helps, I'm running a 3950x on a Crosshair VIII Hero with 64gb 3600 ram. I guess at this point my decisions are: 970 evo plus, sabrent rocket gen 4 (I think?), or wait for the 980 pro.
  9. Any particular recommendations? I just got all the parts for my new rig (getting the last few pieces over the next couple days) so I haven’t put anything together yet, but I can make use of pci-e 4 nvme drives (I do a fair amount of work in autodesk and adobe apps). I was about to buy some, but saw the 980 would be out soon — last I read, the end of August..? When you say ridiculously expensive, what would your guess be? I have the budget, but if it’s over $500 for 1tb for example, I’d probably pass. I was googling to see if there were any updates and saw this thread :)
  10. Just wanted to let you know this is really cool! Thanks for sharing. Nice build I'm currently going through a new build myself (first in ~10 years), and have been trying to decide between the Crosshair VIII Hero and the Gigabyte Aorus Master. Where I am, it's about ~$20 price difference. I'll be running a 3950x and 64gb of memory, with a Noctua NH-D15. If you have any suggestions between the Asus or Gigabyte board let me know. It's the last thing for me to decide on.
  11. When you say not as friendly, do you mean the BIOS, or the physical board itself (i.e. installing components), or something else? Edit: So that I don't overthink things, I've basically narrowed it down to getting an x570 board, either the Crosshair VIII Hero or the Aorus Master. I've read lots of threads praising one or the other... they seem awfully similar, with slightly different I/O. As you point out, either would be overkill for me. I/O aside, is there anything else I should consider (or you'd recommend) before choosing one or the other? They're within ~$20 of each other, so price isn't an issue.
  12. Thanks for the input! That said, I'm glad I came across this G.Skill memory, as it's basically the same as the Corsair, but cheaper. Should I be at all concerned with B-Die, or chip brand such as Hynix? I see talk of this, but I'm not really sure how important this sort of thing is?
  13. I think from reading posts online, I spooked myself into thinking that I'd run into issues between certain memory kits and certain x570 motherboards. As mentioned earlier, a lot of the recent hardware is new to me (and this would be my first AMD build), so I guess I was trying to make sure I wasn't doing anything silly. Re: the motherboard and overclocking -- it's a legitimate question, and I guess I don't have a great answer? I've had good experience with Asus boards in the past (whatever that's worth), and something like the MSI x570 Tomahawk is kind of hard to find, for example. I just wanted to get a reliable board with good support, and so I figured getting a upper-end board might not be a bad idea, even if it's more expensive. I know that might be silly logic, I'm just not sure what else to go on other than I/O or VRM rankings, for example. The Crosshair VIII Hero has good I/O, but as you point out, if I'm not overclocking I'm wasting potential, and money. Aside from that, I can really only look at user recommendations, and I/O such as number of usb ports, wifi, etc. I just don't want to get a board that gives me trouble... though I'm aware I may have made a bigger deal out of a simple situation. Part of it is that it's been so long since I built, and there's a lot of new features/specs nowadays.
  14. Gotcha. Possibly a silly question, but I could also get this G.Skill memory, which is a lot cheaper but I think the timings are slightly worse..? Both are 3200. I don't personally care about aesthetics, I'd prefer whichever performs better. The price isn't a huge factor for me here -- I'm more concerned with compatibility (then again, $100 saved is still $100 saved ) Timing 16-18-18-38 FWIW, G.Skill lists the ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero on the QVL for this ram, whereas Corsair doesn't really have a QVL list for their memory. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232952 Aforementioned Corsair: Timing 16-18-18-36 https://www.newegg.com/corsair-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820236659 I've seen lots of mention of B-Die, etc. but I'm less sure if that's something I should even be concerned with? edit: There also exists a 3600 version of the Corsair memory, but it's a lot more expensive... guessing it's not worth price, though.
  15. Really appreciate the additional info. It's been a decade since I've built a new rig, so a lot of this is either new to me or I've forgotten a lot. I guess I might as well be a novice at this point Anyway, I do a good amount of 2D/3D work (lots of Autodesk and Adobe applications), but I do a bunch of gaming, too. I'll make use of the 64gb for sure. In the past, I've never overclocked (or had any reason to) and just set an XMP profile, for example, and was good to go. For running with 64gb but with speeds beyond 2133mhz, is there an "easy" solution, or should I just get the ram and with tweaks, hope for the best? A lot of this is uncharted territory for me, both since it's been so long and I've never had to do much tweaking. If I can get a good combination of speed + capacity, that'd be great. Sorry if that's not helpful, I'm just trying to be honest on where I'm coming from. I really do appreciate your help. I don't have a ton of time to research, but building a new rig will be really helpful for me (I'm running an i7-930 at the moment). Great and legitimate question Honestly, I won't use a lot of what the board has to offer -- I know that going in. I could for example get the MSI Tomahawk, but it's tough to find. The Crosshair VIII Hero seemed good, even if overkill, and I'm guessing I won't make full use of the VRM, for example. I'm looking for something reliable that won't need lots of tweaking, I suppose. As noted above, there's a lot to consider when putting this build together, especially since it's been so long since I last built. Luckily I'm not constrained by budget, and I'd still like the experience of building a new machine. I used to keep up with hardware, but there's so much new stuff/tech these days that I'll admit a lot of it is new to me; so I apologize in advance if any of my responses are unhelpful. I know that it's up to me to determine what to do and what to buy, but I know that many folks out there know a lot more about it than I do. I was trying to reduce time spent troubleshooting a brand new build, for the most part.