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  1. IF frame rate does not matter, just displaying semi static information like graphs that update in 1 min intervals, the two GPUs don't really need to work together. Although in this case the extra vram would be useless anyway
  2. I was meaning multi monitor with monitors on both cards, thanks
  3. Yes you can use each card independently 3 (sometimes more, sometimes less) per card used for large multimonitor setup (like 12 monitors for instance) So for gaming 2 graphics cards in crossfire and for not gaming I would assume not to use crossfire to get the extra vram I was originally going to do an 8k setup (4x 4k monitors), bit it did not go so well Thanks
  4. Quick question Why run in crossfire if you have to give up the vram on the second card? Wouldn't it be better to run them in non-crossfire to get all of your vram available especially at large resolutions. You can run two graphics cards in one system without crossfire, another advantage of doing this would be not being as limited on how many outputs you can use. Please give answers for both high resolution gaming and high resolution NOT gaming at all. Thanks
  5. I forgot I have an asus cube google tv and a chrome cast, I will just use those and it will be able to do video too thanks for your reply
  6. Which projector should I buy? They are both around the same price. The w1070 seems alot more popular especially reading amazon reviews. Thanks any input? I am down to these two. Netflix, bluray, DVD, Computer, YouTube etc.
  7. I am looking at these two receivers. I like that the Panasonic supports DLNA, but the Onkyo is a bit cheaper. Any advice? Around $250 is my budget Thanks
  8. Definitely water-cooling. As for power, I don't really care. I am already using about 8600 watts in the building for computers alone anyway. hehe
  9. Already heavily invested in AMD, and I am not much of a gamer, (yes intel has much higher IPC) Photoshop and Illustrator can leverage all the cores. It would be interesting to see how they compare in a real world photoshop comparison.
  10. Should I get the fx-8350 or the fx-9370? Architecturally the same, just different binning. It will be on a custom loop to keep it coo', so it does not burn the house down I would be 8350 all the way, but just noticed they are only $20 apart in price right now. Thanks!
  11. Looking for something a little lower in price if possible. That is a beautiful stand though. Solid aluminum Also 4 monitors Thanks
  12. Can anyone recommend a quad monitor stand that articulates for 28" monitors? I am looking for the lowest price possible. Thanks!
  13. Separate Monitors. Specifically extended windows desktops but only one thing open on each. Like word on one and chrome on another. Graphs that are forever long but need to be really detailed. And eBay listings (thousands of them) without scrolling so much. Excel documents, analyzing of financial data. Keep in mind I am far from blind, I can see the really small elements on my 2560x1440 monitor just fine.
  14. I will be sitting at the desktop NOT gaming at all. The most intensive thing I will be doing is looking at random websites, and looking at graphs. Nothing too intensive so frame rate does not matter much because the graphs only update every minuet
  15. Sorry I never saw that reply yes you need 4x 4k to have 8k Thanks
  16. The dell up2414q is a 4k monitor, I will be getting 4 of them to make 8k
  17. I am not gaming, 4x. Dell UP2414q (only 4k ips monitor I could find) More specifically pretty much all they will be doing is plotting lines on the desktop and webpages. Youtube videos will be only shown on one monitor at a time due to the bezels.
  18. I have 2 280x graphics cards, and will soon be building a computer with an extremely large resolution. I am wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of using the cards in crossfire. When in crossfire the vram of only one card is available. So when running not in crossfire all of the vram on both cards is available. I will be using outputs on both card. The cards are Gigabyte 280x Revision 2.0 cards (GV-R928XOC-3GD) Thank you!
  19. Thanks everyone I wish we used 220v or what ever a lot of the world uses. That would be a bit more efficient at the wall. Some data centers here in the states use higher volts "from the wall" to the PSU.
  20. It would be more efficient wouldnt int Wouldn't that make it more efficient if PCs were made to run at a higher voltage? Higher voltage means less resistance on overhead lines and such. thanks
  21. That was a lot of replies for a cryptic title I knew watts = volts x amps, but didn't know it was possible to exchange volts for amps. Thanks everyone! You made it easy to understand