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  1. hello can you recommend a website or post where I can find all the good PSU models I'm very lost not all of the PSUs u guys recommend are available in my county, thanks.
  2. Is buying a new PSU worth it or is it like ram and processors where buying used doesn't make a difference risk wise , what do you advise?
  3. thanks I now unserstand the risks I was taking with every benchmark and how lucky I was. Whats the minimum Wattage I'd need with this system? and which 3 brands are the most trustworthy.
  4. sadly my laptop outperforms my pc without the Graphic card so I guess I'll be using that for the next few months thanks for your advice. Can't do that sadly since I have no case fans I guess I'll have to turn it off and wait thanks for your help.
  5. that was really quick and precise guys thanks a lot for your help, I have been suspecting the PSU ever since I read this Forum about the same PSU crahsing a bitcoin farming system:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=44324.0 the problem is for the next 3 months I won't be able to afford a new one, any advices on how I should handle this problem, I think from the look of it my options are: -To keep using this system since its stable now(idk how much of a risk will this be on the system). -Turn off the system and wait 3 months for replacement and use a very old laptop for gaming, -An advice about combination of options that would keep my system safe and usable for the next 3 months proposed by you guys.
  6. Operating system win 10 pro 64-bit (insider program) CPU: i74770 3.40GHz. MoBo:ASROCKH81M-DGS R2.0(latest BIOS). Ram: 16GB. GPU: Msi GTX1070Ti Gaming. SSD: 1Tb Goldenfir. PSU: 600w Technimax. PC suddenly turns off [No error or anything just directly turns off] when using (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) "Extreme" option ,On Windows power options set to "Ultimate performance". First I disabled Turbo boost which delayed the problem by 1 sec. HWMonitor_x64:CPU Temps of "CPU(all cores+package)" and "GPU" never exceeded 70C°(Open case). PC will *not* turn off when (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) on "Basic" option and windows power option set to "Ultimate performance". PC will *occasionally* turn off when (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) on "Extreme" and Win power option set to "Power saver". By trial and error: I found that no "advanced option" in "Power saver" was changing much except: limiting "Processor power management" to 58%(max and min)=>which offered Stability and 0% crashes on repetitive and 2 Hr runs of (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) "extreme". On "advanced options" in "Power saver" on "PCI express" changing "Link state power management" doesn't make any difference. MSI gaming App was always set to OC mode. I kept watching the processor frequency while "min processor state" was on 58% and "max..." was on 65% and the (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) crashed immediately when the frequency jumped from 1.97GHz to 2.21Ghz.(58% to 65%) With that I found out that anything above 1.97GHz (58% on processor power management) while (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) is on "extreme" Turns off my pc.