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  1. can't get it to run at 144hz with hdmi 60hz is max maybe I did something wrong
  2. I wish to hack my way in to enable gsync I just want that smooth experience but can't afford the price difference.
  3. What I know: CRU can enable freesync on non freesync monitors But needs HDMI, G-sync can be enabled on freesync monitors But needs DisplayPort My monitor does not have the freesync option and I'm using a DP. I have added the freesync line manually by editing CTA861 and changed the range limit : Vrate from from 56-144 to 40-144Hz. reset the driver with reset64 after each step. I still can't find setup G-sync on Nvidia control panel. I need your help. Thank you for your time.
  4. hello can you recommend a website or post where I can find all the good PSU models I'm very lost not all of the PSUs u guys recommend are available in my county, thanks.
  5. Is buying a new PSU worth it or is it like ram and processors where buying used doesn't make a difference risk wise , what do you advise?
  6. thanks I now unserstand the risks I was taking with every benchmark and how lucky I was. Whats the minimum Wattage I'd need with this system? and which 3 brands are the most trustworthy.
  7. sadly my laptop outperforms my pc without the Graphic card so I guess I'll be using that for the next few months thanks for your advice. Can't do that sadly since I have no case fans I guess I'll have to turn it off and wait thanks for your help.
  8. that was really quick and precise guys thanks a lot for your help, I have been suspecting the PSU ever since I read this Forum about the same PSU crahsing a bitcoin farming system:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=44324.0 the problem is for the next 3 months I won't be able to afford a new one, any advices on how I should handle this problem, I think from the look of it my options are: -To keep using this system since its stable now(idk how much of a risk will this be on the system). -Turn off the system and wait 3 months for replacement and use a very old laptop for gamin
  9. Operating system win 10 pro 64-bit (insider program) CPU: i74770 3.40GHz. MoBo:ASROCKH81M-DGS R2.0(latest BIOS). Ram: 16GB. GPU: Msi GTX1070Ti Gaming. SSD: 1Tb Goldenfir. PSU: 600w Technimax. PC suddenly turns off [No error or anything just directly turns off] when using (Heaven Benchmark 4.0) "Extreme" option ,On Windows power options set to "Ultimate performance". First I disabled Turbo boost which delayed the problem by 1 sec. HWMonitor_x64:CPU Temps of "CPU(all cores+package)" and "GPU" never exceeded 70C°(Open case). PC will *not* t