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  1. Could be loose connection to the monitor or faulty cables, or HDD/SSD failing
  2. Well thank you very much for suggestions, I will do it right away.
  3. The data recovery is costly, and it has around 120GB of photos and Video, 50GB of work files. Any other solutions because RMA will just give me a new drive here. And will took my old one.
  4. I reinstalled the windows. The HDD is pretty new, it shouldn't be dead this early
  5. My PC was working fine but it suddenly froze while working normally after that i push the restart button then it doesn't boot up. It spent too much time of BIOS screen. After that it shows a blank screen with '_' and after sometime it will show a disk read error has occurred. It will start and boot if I reset the BIOS, but then again after sometime it will froze. My system specs are old I3-2100 4GB DDR3 1333mhz ram 2x2 500Gb Seagate HDD (OS reinstalled windows 8.1) 7Months old 500GB WD almost 10 year old. (It will show same problem even without this HDD) No dedicated graphics card Motherboard B75 M gigabyte Sometimes it boot with single stick of ram (randomly) Sometimes with both sticks of ram I tried swapping the slots and ram but to no avail