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  1. its meant to create an interpolated string. using `` instead of '' or "" will let you inject variables into a string by doing ${variable}. as seen in the nice refactor of your code in the post above, it enables you to conditionally create different strings from the same template on runtime. very neat thing, you will use it quite often, since naturally you do quite a lot with strings, especially in javascript and it helps you keeping your code clean, extendable and prevents needless code repetition. A very easy example would be: const logName = (name) => { console.log(`Your name is ${name}`); }; logName("John"); The ?-operator is called turnery. it takes a condition and must return a true case and a false case. It looks like this: const myResult = condition ? trueCase : falseCase;
  2. welcome to the linus tech tips forum

  3. Hi, I have the opportunity to get the above listed ram pretty cheap. Now, my problem is that it is not specifically listed on the tested components by msi and is not officially supported. Will it still run? This source claims it does: https://pangoly.com/en/review/msi-z370-a-pro/compatibility/ram Any information regarding that? Is there anything I need to do when setting up my new ram? Thanks in advance.