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  1. ALso thank you everyone for helping me out with this! i diden't expect to get a lot of responses lol. Thank you! I'm trying my best here to try to learn what i can. it's my second time assembling a machine for my friend and my "CompTia A+ Certifaction" is like.. 8 years late or something. like i'm talking 2014 information here. so i'm a bit dusty with these kinds of things but i want to learn! (Here's the current idea of the build i'm thinking about) The orange Case is something i currently have that i'm gonna give away to her once the assembly is done.
  2. well i was kinda looking into the $150-$200 range. hence why when i saw a graphic card that had 4 GB of memory but it's price is $79.99 i felt like something feels off. (Turns out Linus actually made a video about it) *Though i still don't know why it's a bad graphic card if it supports 4 gigs of memory* To be honest i don't know that very well with Graphic cards. The last one i bought for myself was like a $300+ Nividia GFeforce GTX 760. It only lasted me 2 years until i can no longer play other games on the highest settings. I'd like to get her a card that could last longer; like at LEAST 4 years on the highest settings of 7 days to die and Overwatch. around that price of $150-$200. That can run 7 days to die and overwatch pretty well.
  3. So i'm trying to help a friend out in figuring out what is the best inexpensive graphic card that can somehow run the video game "7 days to die" and Overwatch on the max settings possible. I'd assume OH a graphic card with 4 gigs of memory! no problem! Errruahhh. The cheapest one i found was like $75 and that doesn't sound right at all.. So now I'm wondering if it's the core clock and boost clock that i should be concerned about. I'm only one person looking into this so i'm reaching out for help in desperation ;x;