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  1. thank you everyone for your advices! i'll continue to wait! though idk if my chances on finding one is a good for i soley only look at new egg every 2-3 days. seems rather unpractical =x= though that's interesting theirs a discord idea and to check up on stores. i should give that a shot.
  2. So my graphic card is pretty much on it's last legs and i'm hoping to get an Geforce Rtx 3080 Card but of course it's hard to find it anywhere. I'm hoping in Jan i might get a chance in finding one in newegg but in all honestly i have very little idea on how and if i can even secure one. Any advice or tips on how to get one would be helpful thank you x-x
  3. so you think the reason the vram is failing is because it's soldering might be loose/damage over long periods of time/use?
  4. Alright Well if it's vram is the main issue. i'd like to wonder how did it became an issue in the first place. What happens to components after a long period of time n what not. Why did the vram began to fail? o-o
  5. oooooouh Well alright! Hey thanks for your input and video example! This helps quite a lot! i wonder if theirs anything i can do from their.
  6. Welp. it's that time again where my old gtx 670 Graphic card is failing on me. it had trouble last year and somehow it fixed itself randomly. Now it's malfunctioning again though this time it's showing artifacts which is pretty interesting. though it's just so weird how.. everything was fine. and then one day Bam (Picture below) Tabletop simulator got all weird. And then other games got all weird on me! Now i know the card needs to be replaced soon which i'm hoping i will do on january. but i'd like to pinpoint What and why is it failing in the first place so suddenly.. Heres
  7. Welp.. it's been returned and got my refund. but now it's been weeks and i'm still on the hunt for the rtx 3080 card x-x; I wonder if the rtx 3090 are any different. And what's this about capacitors blowing up?
  8. Oh it is? it's just i've seen the rtx card hit the top of the graph and turn yellow so i'd assume this one should do the same..; Also woaw.. it uses system memory? But the gpu has it's own memory doesn't it? hence the core memory thing..; and i'm not sure but i maxed out both core voltage and power limit. Do you mean the heaven benchmark thing?
  9. Okay.. so i've come to the realization that despite doing some research like watching what a graphic card is to reading my 2008 textbook on computer stuffs. i've come to the conclusion that i have very little in-debt knowledge about graphic card and overclocking for i can't seem to figure out Why is this Geforce GTX 760 gpu at full max yet everything else, (The core clock, memory clock) Is so low on the graph? This has been brought to my attention ever since i overclocked an rtx 2080 card [which i returned cuz rtx 3080..;] For that one i was seeing full memory usage upon running fu
  10. the Restocking fee hurts.. how would one do homework effectively i wonder;.. But yeh i'd be looking to getting the rtx 2080 series since it's around $700 or so. but i assume that's just the base card that nivida's putting out. And i'm sitting here wondering about how much the cost would be from venders like Msi,evga,gigabyte etc that would be utilizing this new GPU chip-set. Kinda concerned if their price will be over $800...; or something.
  11. Wow really?!?! but... why? what? Wouldn't the GPU process everything? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wonder how bad..; Fuh
  12. Alright! Welp from the looks of it. might as well do it now than sooner. at least i still kept my old 660 card lol. Also recently a friend was telling me that my cpu would bottleneck any new graphic card? what's up with that i thought the graphic card has it's own cpu thing in it. why would my cpu matter in gaming? cuz i have a intel (R) core(TM) i7-4770 CPU 3.40 GHz
  13. I thought core clock was like the raw power that a card could produce; also boost-clock is just how much it can work when over-clocked or something..; God thank you everyone for informing me about these things. Like i've been stressing out over this for quite a long time Thank you so ever much! I would love to learn more about graphic cards whenever possible. i like to be informed about these things; God thank you!!
  14. So about 2 weeks ago i bought a Gaming X Trio Rtx 2080 Super graphic card on new-egg because it was listed at 779.99 and after comparing it's core clock/boost clock with higher and lower end card of the rtx series i decide to purchase it. 2-3 weeks later SEEMLY out of nowhere they unveil the rtx 3080 series and announced they were much more powerful than the 2080 and a lot cheaper. I'm kinda upset. why was the rtx 2080 Super More expensive than the 3080 series? Should i return it and get the rtx 3080? i have until 3 days left to return it and it goes to show i',m ill-informed about gr