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  1. Hi everyone! Been following this thread. Originally I tried softwares and changing all kinds of windows settings before seeing the Bios 302 fix. I updated the Bios to 302 and factory restored my computers to fix all the settings I’ve changed, performance seems a lot more stable compared to out-of-box in April. Temperatures before the Bios update would reach 90C on Turbo, now they don’t even hit 80. (I removed the fan coverings a week ago.) However, when looking at benchmarks for Apex legends it shows on 1080p low settings this machine should get 150+ FPS, which I do not. I get about 70 - 110 FPS, everything low and Nvidia Control panel to favor performance, Power management plan on High performance. If the benchmarks are true, Is there maybe someone knowledgeable with settings and optimizations who may be able to help me with some set up? I’d like to get the most of this 144hz FreeSync monitor I’ve bought. (Is there performance loss using the device’s HDMI port over the usb c display port? My HDMI supports 144hz.) My goal I’d like to achieve is Stable FPS in Apex, which I do not know how to achieve, wether it be at 144FPS or even just at 100 or so, whatever this machine is truly capable of. Thank you to all who have provided info in our journey, and thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to give me addition info for my case! (This is my first gaming PC.)