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  1. Hello, I built recently ryzen 9 3950x with rtx 2080 super with 32gb 3600 ram The question is about the ram Is the 32gb 3600 should be enough with no bottleneck? Or do I need to upgrade to 64gb 3600 ram? Because when I was playing gta v at 4k ultrawide screen with everything set on ultra I was getting average 36fps and maximum 42fps is this normal ? or I'm having ram bottleneck? And Thank you
  2. Hello, while I was plugging the usb 3.0 header in the motherboard in my pc, I broke the pin number 11 which is D2+ pin The question: is the usb 3.0 plug will work without the D2+ pin ?
  3. Actually the first time I disconnected it the pc was off and also I was grounded and It wasn't working the second time I disconnected it to see if the pins are okay which they are the pc was turned on But note that It wasn't working from the first time
  4. Hello I have x570 aorus ultra motherboard and cooler master h500m case, and everything was working fine until yesterday when I disconnected the usb 3.0 header that connects to the case to do some cable management. Afterwards the case usb 3.0 didn't work ! I went to check for the mb usb 3.0 pins and it all looks good but the cable is not working anymore so whats the problem ? Note that: I also disconnected these three cables In the photo