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  1. Thank you, updating the bios solved the problem
  2. Hello people of this forum, I have bought a used cpu (i5 6600k), as an upgrade for what I have now (pentium g4400), after having it installed I tried booting but I got no display. I am sure that I installed the cpu correctly and all the power connectors are connected. All the fans run and the pc seems like its running but there is just no display. I have tried changing the RAM slots, but that didn't help anything. I now have reinstalled my old cpu and my pc works fine. I really trust the seller of the used cpu, so I don't think that I got scammed. Could there be other factors or things that cause this problem? I know that the mobo supports the cpu, but my knowledge ends there. Maybe something to do with bios? My specs are: i5 6600k (pc works with the pentium g4400) Asus prime h270-plus mobo 2x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM Asrock rx 570 8g gpu CoolerMaster MWE 650w psu Seagate barracuda 1TB hdd Thank you for your time, I hope someone has the solution.
  3. Well i have not yet installed an operator system in the hdd, but thats because I couldn’t even get a signal in the first place, my pc didn’t even give signal to monitor. I tried turning my pc on now, but now I cant even go to bios and the fans a re spinning normally but the pc gives no output to the monitor. EDIT: I took out my gpu and it is probably broken after all. So now I’m at the bios screen, do I need to buy a usb with windows 10 installed? Thanks a lot for your time, im not the most skilled pc builder and I only have basic knowledge of how to assemble a computer.
  4. Hi there, I build a new pc, with only a few used parts. The issue is that the pc fans spin normal and lights go on, the motherboard is receiving power, but the pc only goes into bios. I tried reinstalling the cpu into the socket, i tried putting the ram in a different slot and I tried to start without gpu and put the gpu in a different slot. ( I know that the gpu, mobo, psu work) the specs are: intel pentium g4400 (I bought it used) asus prime h270-plus (new) seagate barracuda 1TB (new) cooler master mwe 650 psu (new) 1x 8gb corsair vengeance 3000mhz (new) asrock phantom gaming rx 570 8g OC (used) I am thinking that the cpu might be dead, but wouldnt the pc even go into bios if that was the case? When I’m in bios and i select the hdd as primary boot option, i still cant boot it just goes into bios. Please help me if you have any ideas that could help me get the answer to this problem. Thank you guys for your time.