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  1. What about thinking in the future, like a zen3?
  2. Yeah, I was getting some weird stuff when trying 3666 out either way... I'll stick to 3000 as it works well and don't get a perceptible performance loss... Going off topic, my mobo supports up to 3600mhz and theres some nice price in t-force dark z 2x16gb kits, about $225 (for comparisson, a 2070 super is up to 770-800 dollars here in Brazil) Will my cpu make a good use of it? There's only a $20 difference from the 3000 and 3600 kits...
  3. @TofuHaroto After some search I was about to resocket my cpu (its not a intel, but anyways) as I was doing some work in blender and was getting trouble making actions and listening to a video at the same time I saw that there was just 8gb recognized, so I go take the 2 mem out of the board and test one by one (done before). For my surprise, a stick alone booted with the xmp profile without any problems, so did the 2 sticks. I'm happy it's working again but don't know what to think about it now haha. Did a cinebench real quick and the performance is on par too...
  4. I was thinking by myself, does this explain I'm not being able to boot even in lower frequencies than 2400?
  5. Well, in that case I'll be testing another kit when I have the chance... Thanks for the attention and help!
  6. I've ran for a good time in 3400mhz, like a year or so
  7. I'm sorry, I was using up to 1.42 for higher clocks but 1.38 for 3400
  8. Same thing, 3 cicles on/off... Any idea what it can be?
  9. I followed dram timing calculator's up to 1.48 just for testing but was using 1.46 for 3400
  10. Didn't work, it cicled 3 times turning on/off and then gone back to stock settings...
  11. There I was playing some valorant when my PC just froze, when I restarted it, it booted but got me a BSOD "system exception" when I was about to go back to game. Since then I'm not able to boot if the ram isn't at auto and 2400mhz (tried lower too) I can boot with higher volts too, I presume I can oc the CPU as well (Ryzen master worked) I used to run it with a 3400 oc and tighter timings but my ram is a sport ballistics 3000mhz xmp My PC: Gigabyte b450m gaming R7 2700 2x 8gb ballistics single rank Cx 650 plus bronze Rtx 2070 mini galax PS: running bios f50 but reverted to f32 to test and made no difference.