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  1. @Kilrah Yeah i did try "WCDMA preferred" one which is H+ and that did work some few times if not every time Is it just low signal strength for me then?
  2. I did "speedtest by ookla" android app from playstore Download - 16 megabits/s Upload - 4.02 megabits/s ping - 21 ms jitter - 14 ms loss - 0.0 % let me know of some other info that you'd like me to add (honestly i know nothing besides download and upload for a network)
  3. My download speeds are like 4MB/s(mobile data,voLTE 4G) but in game chat's dosen't work frequently...But when i hotspot from my other phone which has H+ from the same sim card provider (another sim card from same network provider)...it mostly works if not everytime...whatever network the my other phone is I should be able to have that in my primary device help me out guys