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  1. Thanks. The X570 Tuf Plus is the cheapest of all beacuse it is used. Didn’t like the X570 Prime after the stuff you said. So it is either B550 Gaming Plus or X570 Tuf Plus or B550 Tuf Plus. I didn’t really like the design on the B550 TUf Plus but I think the VRM is better than the MSI Gaming Plus but I am not sure so maybe ill take that. Is the X570 Tuf Plus worth getting second hand over the B550 Gaming Plus or are they very similiar and not worth getting used? And By the way the Tuf X570 Plus is 170 USD the Gaming Plus and B550 Tuf are both 180 USD and the B550-A Pro is 175 USD
  2. B550-A Pro -- B550 Gaming Plus -- Asus X570 Prime -- Second Hand Asus X570 Tuf Plus -- B550 Tuf Plus | These are my options the discount ended on the aorus board and it is now 220 so it is not an option anymore it was only a 20 minute discount.
  3. Aorus elite 220 USD Gaming Plus is 180 right now Gaming Plus is an obvious choice
  4. The discount ended right now anyway. it was only cheap for like 20 minutes now its back at its normal price. But I am happy that I didn't miss a lot since you said it is very similiar to the MSI
  5. Alright, The Aorus elite in my country is on a 50 USD discount Right now which brings it to the same price as the B550-A Pro and almost the same price as the gaming plus. Normally the gaming plus is much cheaper. Which made me lean to the aorus because normally the aorus is much more expensive. Which one would you suggest?
  6. How could the Gaming Plus be better in temps if the aorus has better VRMs? If its the lack of cooling/heatsinks wouldn't it be better to choose Slightly Better VRM/slightly worse cooling to Slightly Worse VRM/Slightly better cooling?
  7. I don't want the B550-A Pro becuase it is very plain in design. Thr gigabyte has the same price as the B550-A Pro right now. Is the aorus good in terms of VRM? Like is it better from the MSI board? Currency is Turkish Lira budget 180 USD or 1400 Turkish Lira
  8. Hey everyone, I could either get the MSI B550 Gaming Plus or the Aorus Elite. Which one would be better? The gigabyte is about 10 USD cheaper. I will use it with a Ryzen 5 3600 and I don't need a USB C port.
  9. Would you have a suggestion for 100-110 Range?
  10. I already have the 3600 and a 25 USD aftermarket air cooler but its very loud but the temps are fine. I want a AIO due to looks and noise level
  11. I just newly bought the 3600 and it is more than enough even though I use it with a 2080 Super even If I have the money I wouldn't change it since its pretty much brand new
  12. Ryzen 5 3600. I know 360mm is not needed but why not when I can afford it and the price is close? I am just curious if Barrow is a good brand
  13. hey everyone, I could either get this AIO Barrow LTCPR-360 CPU or I could get a Silverstone PF240. The Barrow one is 360mm and almost the same price as the PF240 but I don't know the brand and if it is high quality or not? I really want it because its 360mm for almost the same price. Can someone guide me? Thanks.
  14. So I could either use my hand to test the airflow or see if the piece of paper is blown away right? Thank you so much btw
  15. As far as I know If I remove the side panel and put a paper at the rear of the front 3 fans the paper should stick to the fans I mean the fans should pull the paper. If the paper doesn’t stick then the airflow is poor. Is this method correct?