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  1. Cheers but I don't mind spending a bit of money if I'm looking at a decent performance increase. I don't really understand what doing the GPU encoding/decoding. But I don't think i need a low profile since it's in a HP dl380p g8. But do all graphics cards come with a output video port or are there server specific ones that don't have any (I won't be using an output video so I would think that it would be technically cheaper to manufacture without the ports hence more specific use cases).
  2. Hi I'm only new to this whole server game and have finally started the ball rolling. I'm asking is it worth it to get a graphics card in my server since I'm only really using it for VM's and I'm wondering if it could assist with the performance when I'm 'remote console'-ing into it. I'm running with 2 x E5-2690v2, 384 DDR3 1866MHz, PCIE 3.0 and it has 4 x (8x) slots and 2 x (16x) slots. This is pretty much just running a plex server, linux (educational purposes) and eventually I want it to do
  3. That's my aim atm I just want to make sure it's the right one.
  4. Yeah its up above. The thing is I want to be able to terminate it so I don't have to push an expensive cord with a usb c jack and potentially damage it.
  5. There isn't any way to even boot and have the whole server act like components over thunderbolt or something?
  6. I saw this I just wasn't sure if it's pretty much my only option
  7. I'm only new to all of this and have started setting up my first server with a plex server and a few vm's. I am looking to build slowly a new rack mount workstation in the same rack. But then have a mini-pc on the desk which remotes into the workstation pc. I want to know if I can somehow pretty much negate lag so it's as if it was right next to my desk. I have CAT 6a from the server to the room I am going to and it'll have wifi 6 as backup with hopefully an upgrade to 6e when it becomes consumer. The server internally has all 10Gbe between NAS (not that it ever can fill it) and the server itself and eventually the workstation. Want to know: - Extra equipment to reduce lag - Minimum hardware requirements to run a low latency I was also thinking whether I can somehow use a pcie riser to usb c on the server/workstation --> a break out of usb-c and split over two Ethernet CAT 6a --> combine the two Ethernet cords into breakout of usb c at the desk -->usb-c hub for display and peripherals?