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  1. Yeah, overclocking could make your system very unstable and do that weird stuff as well.
  2. My pc had the exact same issue some time ago, after a while it stoped showing the post screen at all, the issue was a bad RAM stick, I changed it and it worked perfectly. But it can also be a CPU problem, a friend of mine had a similar problem and it turned out to be low pressure on the CPU against the MoBo, causing the pins of the socket to not get a good contact with the CPU.
  3. Idle CPU usage is 0% and memory is 15/20% so yeah, the conclusion is that my PC is garbage.
  4. All settings are set to the lowest and the resolution is set to 720p (the lowest the game supports). So I think there's no hope for me
  5. Hey guys, my PC is a total bottleneck, I've got an AMD A6-6400K and a GT1030 GDDR5, the bottleneck here is clearly my CPU cuz when I'm playing overwatch the game stutters like crazy and task manager shows my CPU at 100% while my GPU doesn't even hit the 40's. The game runs fine at around 45~50fps after all the assets and models are loaded into the match but that framerate gets destroyed if someone switch characters or a new effect is loaded into the scene, and I can't play competitive like that, that is obviously a CPU problem so I was wondering if having a GPU too powerful for your CPU to handle can somehow make the CPU run slower and take longer to load stuff. And if so, is it a good idea to sell my 1030 and stick with the integrated HD8470D graphics? I saw some people running overwatch on that iGPU noproblem with some tweaks of course, and it wasn't stuttering like crazy like my pc. Also memory is probably screwing things up, I have a single channel 4Gb stick, and it is one of those green ones, there's no branding on it or even on the chips, so yeah that's some great quality RAM right there.
  6. I think you should probably wait, I don't know if the situation on north america is the same as here in Brazil but christ, some computer parts are almost triple of their original prices in here due to the pandemic.
  7. Yeah I managed to get it to 4.6Ghz, anything higher than that will make windows blue screen. I also managed to make it boot with 5.2Ghz but windows would crash while loading, and the temps aren't really that big considering I've got a heatsink 3x larger than the stock one and an Xbox 360 fan hooked up to 12v all the time
  8. It booted with no issues at 5.2Ghz but windows blue screened every time, 4.6 is stable tho and I'm using that frequency right now, I also overclocked my RAM from 1600 to 1866 to see if it improves anything, cuz it is just a 4gb single-channel module.
  9. Update guys, I managed to get it to 4.6Ghz at 1.40v anything higher than that will make windows blue screen on start, thanks for the replies :D
  10. (I accidently posted this on the storage devices section so I'm posting it again in the right area :p) Hey guys, I've been into overclocking recently and I was wondering what are the best clockspeeds I can get with my CPU, my CPU is a garbage old AMD A6-6400K Dual Core and performance is really poor, so I wanna overclock it, the stock settings are (3.9Ghz 1.35v) on the CPU and (1.6Ghz 1.27v) on the NorthBridge, maximum settings are (6.3Ghz 1.55v) on the CPU and (6.2Ghz 1.55v) on the NB, I really want to crank all the settings to the maximum value but I know that something bad is gonna happen so I'm asking to you guys what are the ideal settings for maximum performance. I know that thermals are an important thing in overclocking so the maximum temperature my CPU hit on the AIDA64 benchmark was 46°C. If that helps. Also I'm running Windows 7.
  11. i ran the Toshiba Storage Diagnostic Tool and it does nothing, it just stays at 0% and my harddrive activity LED doens't light up and task manager also shows 0% of disk activity so yeah
  12. Damm, now that sucks, didn't know a Hard Drive could die that quickly :/ Looks like I'm getting a new one then, or an SSD that probably lasts longer. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I forgot about that :/ But there is definitely something wrong with it, as I said, the motherboard beeps when I try to read or write heavy files on the drive. Only on windows. Sorry for the slow reply, I've been busy with school stuff.
  14. Hey guys, sorry if this post isn't quite right or something, it's my first time in here. So I have a problem and I want some help, my hard drive as it is said on the title, refuses to work with windows. The HD in question is a Toshiba P300 1Tb, I've had it for around 1 and a half years, and I've always used two O.S on it, Windows 10 for work and productivity, and a linux distro like PopOS or Manjaro for gaming cuz win10 destroys all of my poor 4Gb of RAM. Everything was fine and working as intended, but this week things got really weird. The read speed of the drive dropped from 80/90mbps to lower than 200kbps, only on windows, it takes forever to boot, and 2x forever to get into the desktop, linux was fine tho, fast, full speed, no problems. So I thought, oh, there's something wrong with my Windows installation, lemme backup my files and install it again, installed windows 10 again, same thing, fresh install, no programs, nothing, and linux was still fine. So I thought again, "This happened after the 2004 windows 10 update, lemme try windows 8.1 then!". Installed Win8.1, same, thing, Linux was still fine. Then I tried installing Windows 7, exactly the same thing. So I just gave up and completely erased the entire drive, not a quick format, a full, "replace everything with zeros format" that took over 3 hours. Installed Win8.1, same thing as before, Win7, same thing, Win10, same thing, then I installed Manjaro KDE and it is fine, I'm using it right now to make this post. Read speeds and write speeds are fine and normal, that crap just happens on windows, and oh I just remembered, sometimes the speaker on my motherboard would beep while writing and reading data from the HD on windows 10 and 8.1, so, is my hard drive dead? Or is it some firmware bug that happened that is like, I dunno, destroying the hard drive when I use NTFS? Could it be an overclocking problem? I'm using a crappy AMD A6-6400K overclocked to 4.4Ghz and my RAM is also overclocked from 1600Mhz to 1866Mhz. Also, sorry for any typos or incorrect words, my main language is Portuguese not english.