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  1. Questions: What is the ambient temperature in your room? Is the AIO set as intake or exhaust?
  2. Basically unless you have a very powerful CPU, the primary source of heat in your system will be your GPU. Even when your CPU is under load, the temperature of the liquid itself in the AIO doesnt get that hot and therefore the air going through the radiator isn't considerably hotter either. So if you have the rad as the intake the temp of air going is still only a couple degrees over ambient at most so the cooling of other components isn't affected as much. On the other hand, if you keep is as exhaust, your GPU will heat up the air inside the case a considerable amount degrading the CPU cooling. See this video for more details.
  3. I am building a new PC for the first time, and for cooling my Ryzen 3700X I have chosen an NZXT Kraken X63 AIO (little overkill I know but it looks cool). Now I ordered a Cooler Master Mastergel Regular Thermal Paste just in case I scratch up the pre-applied paste on the Kraken or anything, but I am wondering whether I should use the paste anyway? I watched a gamers nexus video on YT where they also recommend removing the pre-applied paste and using your own. The thing is I have never done this before and I think if I don't do it properly it will do more harm than good compared to the stock paste. So far all the parts for the PC haven't arrived yet so I haven't started building the PC, but when I do, should I use the pre-applied paste or use the Cooler Master one? Assuming I don't scratch up the stock paste of anything of course.
  4. wouldnt 3080 be super expensive at launch?
  5. I just wanted to see if I can save any money while retaining the same performance I will get with my current specs, but if I could cut like a $100 that would be really nice. I like the idea of postponing the Kraken but then wouldn't I have to buy a couple of case fans in that case to ensure adequate airflow?
  6. I would like to do the same, but like I said I cannot put more money into it so any upgrades in this would have to be at the cost of something else
  7. I am not planning to store any games on it, just the OS and some programs, so I thought 250 should be enough for it.
  8. I am planning to build a gaming PC,after doing some research and watching lots of reviews, this is the final spec list I came up with https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fGWcp8 The only problem is it is slightly over budget for me, so will it be possible to substitute a few things to make it a few dollars cheaper? I know the Kraken x63 is unnecessary but I really like the look of it so please dont make me take it out Bottom line is that if I cant get equivalent performance at lower a price, I am prepared to spend the money for this but I definitely cannot go above it. Also, just to make sure, if I do end up buying this exact spec, are there some compatibility issues or something that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance
  9. I am looking to buy 16GB (8x2) RAM for my Ryzen 7 3700X equipped PC. Based on some initial research I have found that memory speed makes a decent impact on performance in gaming with Ryzen processors and the sweet spot is 3600MHz since that can run 1:1 with the IF clock at 1800MHz. Based on that I am looking at two different but similar RAMs- G Skill Trident Z Neo 3600C16D-GTZN (Timings 16-16-16-36) G Skill Trident Z Neo 3600C16D-GTZNC (Timings 16-19-19-39) I also read that memory with better timings will give more benefit compared to faster memory, so I am also planning to tweak the timings a bit using the Ryzen DRAM calculator. From what I've seen the Samsung B-Die is best for this and I'm not sure but I think the GTZN version has the B-Die while the GTZNC I know has S K Hynix die. How much performance difference will I see between the two if (a) I just load the XMP profiles (b) I manually change the memory timings based on the DRAM calculator? Is it worth spending the extra money for the tighter timings?
  10. Keeping the rear fan as exhaust, would you recommend 280mm (with rad) exhaust on top with 360 intake in front or 280 (with rad) intake in front with 360 exhaust on top?
  11. I am looking at the NZXT H710 case which supports upto 360/280mm fans in front and also on the top. In the rear it supports upto 120/140mm fans. I am also buying an NZXT X63 280mm AIO, which combined with the 3x120mm front fans and 1x140mm rear fan included with the case makes 6 total fans. But I am confused about what would be the best config for these fans, I have heard that positive pressure is better because it reduces dust buildup. So I am thinking moving the front 360mm fans to the top and putting the AIO in front, so the front 280mm and rear 140mm fans can work and intakes and the top 360mm fans will be exhaust. Will the bigger fans working as intakes and smaller ones being exhausts make it a net positive pressure? What other configs might be better?
  12. What about the capacitor difference? Based on this review the fans and capacitors are not top quality. How much difference does it make? I don't want to risk anything since we get voltage fluctuations at our house sometimes. Thats why I was considering 650i even though its almost 25% more expensive.
  13. I am building a PC with Ryzen 3700X, Nvidia 2070 Super and 16GB 3600MHz CL16 memory. For PSU I am confused between Corsair TX650M vs RM650 vs RM650X vs RM650i. Yes I am aware there are other companies also with good PSUs but availability is limited in my region. I was looking for 650x but it went out of stock before I could make a purchase, so that is not available anymore. Between TX650M and RM650 there is only a small price difference but then the 650i is quite expensive compared to the others. AFAIK 650X and 650i have Japanese capacitors while the other two have Chinese capacitors. Should I spend the extra money for the 650i or is RM650 good enough? Other than safety I also want headroom if I want to upgrade the CPU/GPU in the future.