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  1. i am currently using ambient led to control my cm hyper 212 rgb black edition because there is one and only rgb strip header on my mobo.so i plugged it in there. i wasn't able to control rgb with any software except gigabyte ambient led. i want to know any alternative software because this software has limited modes and i dont like this software much.
  2. @AndreiArgeanu yes i have tried every software but alll in vain
  3. @sub68 did i plugged the rgb connector in the board right? its arrow is at the most left.
  4. @AndreiArgeanu gigabyte z390 d the fan is not even being detected that's why its not being shown on any software.the speed of the is not even changing on stress test and running on its minimum spedd
  5. i recently bought a hyper 212 rgb black edition. i connected the fan on the cpu fan connector and rgb connector on rgb controller on mobo. i installed some rgb controlling softwares but none of them is detecting the cooler. i also did the stress test but the rpm of fan are not changing.
  6. @cawilkey my cpu fan is also not detected.and that's why no software is detecting the rgb fan
  7. i just bought a hyper rgb black edition. i connected its rgb connector dirctly into the mobo. its just showing a yellow colour.i don't know how to change color. i installed gigabyte rgb fusion 2.0.its only showing the rams and i can cycle the colors of rams. but the cooler is not showing there.
  8. is gigabyte z390 d a good mobo? i am pairing it with i5 9400f. need suggestions,will be thankful @TofuHaroto
  9. @TofuHaroto Thanks for reaching out.
  10. @TofuHaroto they are both for $310.either you choose strix or aorus. if i will spend some extra money for a good mobo i can get 3700x for 30 more($340) with mobo.
  11. Can aorus b450 pro wifi mobo can handle the ryzen 5 3600 xt? its a bundle and i can afford it otherwise i will have to spend extra money. there's also a bundle with the same price but with asus rog strix b450-f gaming. which bundle should i go with? @TofuHaroto
  12. @TofuHaroto i changed the processor on my mobo from i5 3570 ti i7 3770k. when i ran the computer a pop-up appeared on the screen. "invalid configuration please run setup utility" press f1 to continue when i press f1 then this pop-up disappears for a while and then disappears again. i need information on how to fix this
  13. @TofuHaroto i am from pakisan.b550 pro 4 is not available in my country.beacause it is released recently. can you suggest another motherboard.
  14. i need suggestions for building my rig.i have bought ryzen 5 3600.i dont know which motherboard i should use for it.if you have any suggestions i will be very thankful. Aorus B450 pro wifi, msi b450 tomahawk max, asus rog strix b450 f gaming. i want to know which is best motherboard among these three.and also you can suggest me some other model whose price is near to these three.