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  1. So a few weeks ago I lost my tablet, I've been looking for it ever since but cannot find it. It is a Tab S4, I used google find my device and it said "couldn't connect" so I'm assuming the battery is dead since I lost it 2 weeks ago. My baby brother was last using it. I have no idea how to find it and I looked everywhere, does anyone know some secret way to locate it or a tactic to find it? Thank you.
  2. So I game on a laptop but the hdd is only 1tb so I swapped it for an external (but fitted internally) 2tb hdd. The Old drive was E: and the new one is F:. So when launnching epic games it would say "Couldn't find E Drive", When I uninstall it, it says "Couldn't find E Drive". When I try to install it again it says "Couldn't find E Drive". Is there a way to fix this without having to bring back the old E drive? its possible but I'm lazy.
  3. So "disk 2" is my SD card and I used it on Raspberry pi a few weeks ago, I decided to remove it today but for some reason I cannot access the remaining 59 gb (its a 64gb SD Card). How do I fix this?
  4. Mister musket, y u no help?
  5. So I just started playing minecraft again (Haven't played for the last 2 years) and this stupid kid is pissing me off. Normally, I'd just punch him or scare him, but you know, online tingz. So anyway I just wanted to see if there was a way to track his IP just to scare him a bit. (I'm not gonna do anything to him, I am aware I'm getting too old for that) Also Not the opening a link to track IP method pls (learnt that to track down someone that was harassing my sister)
  6. NLamki

    dns pihole thing

    how do I get the logs?
  7. NLamki

    dns pihole thing

    I dont know whats a distro Thru PuTTY Putty Idk tbh idk Regards.
  8. NLamki

    dns pihole thing

    whats the command for that? Or do I just unplug and plug?
  9. NLamki

    dns pihole thing

    Even after doing this my thing says "DNS resolution is currently unavailable" when I try to update the blocklist. Help pls
  10. So I was trying to fix my pihole and this Link helped me but now I'm stuck, idk how to leave this screen. any help?
  11. So could I get like a 2070 then?
  12. GL502vsk but if you want to google it then its GL502vs
  13. Im running a 7th gen Core i7-7700HQ on my laptop. 24gb RAM and M.2 The problem is the gpu GTX1070 I want to upgrade to 2nd gen RTX so I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the gpu? I am aware that I'll need to put the system into a case but would it be possible?