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  1. Also pulling about 9400 in 3D Mark Timespy, if relevant. I'm mostly playing WZ and I went from about 90 - 100 FPS to 100 - 130, which is nice bump while playing 1440p @144hz. I haven't put the CPU through it's paces in Adobe CC yet but I'm expecting a 20+ % boost over all.
  2. I'm currently getting a score of 4734 MC and 496 Single core. Performance increase came from using the ASUS Dual Intelligent Processor app from the AI suite - moved all the phase controls (CPU & DRAM) to ultra fast and increased capacity on the power draw settings. My room is currently a bit below ambient but stemps on CCD1 and the Tctl go from high 40s - 50.0 idle to 79/80. I don't have my fans ramp up - they stay fixed at 1100rpm. I'd love to get it up higher, but I think it's my ram holding me back.
  3. I believe with PBO I'm hitting around 4.2ghz - 4.4ghz - but one core on the CCX1 is going a bit higher. What are your scores looking like, mine are slightly below what I'd consider avg for the CPU but I'm also running on an older x370 motherboard and with DDR3200 @ XMP profile not overclocked beyond that (I believe my board has a theoretical max of 3400mhz because of it's layout - although the BIOS does have the option to try to push it beyond to 3600mhz).
  4. Sorry to hear that - yeah, not entirely sure what else it could be.
  5. What version of the BIOS are you running? Have you experienced any system instability prior to this during gaming or when you are drawing a lot of power from the PSU?
  6. OK - without getting into a wholesale fresh install of Windows have you tried clearing your CMOS and setting your BIOS to default? What are you system / software specs - I happened to be at Canada Computers the other day doing an RMA and one of the guys was telling me about some driver issues and a particular version of Windows 10. Now for the life of me I can't remember the version but it was the 19xx vs 20xx - specifically for AMD cards.
  7. Weird bug. Are you uninstalling with DDU or using the factory erase mode with the Radeon drivers? I know there is a BIOS update for some of the XT's (I just updated my ROG 5700xt) - might be worth looking into.
  8. That Optimum Tech video is great - my opinion on it is "what is the best you can afford?" As it's been mentioned by others in the thread the Ryzen 3 is a great value buy, it performs well when paired with a decent video card. Moving into AAA titles the Ryzen 5 has an edge and will pull away with new gen games. I know availability of the Ryzen 3 has been a bit challenged lately, but if you use the 3 as a step up and put the money you save into a better video card I could see why it's an attractive buy.
  9. Yeah so there are a few things at play here: For your budget the Ryzen 5 3600 is still out of reach, waiting until Zen3 will push the prices down. But since you'd need to swap your motherboard to move to AMD it's going to be worth it to save a bit more to put a larger budget behind it. I wouldn't expect Zen3 cpu's/motherboards to be cheap - but there will be good value for x570 + a 3600 either brand new or used If you could also consider a newer GPU that would go a long way
  10. You can make a significantly better decision if you can weight out the OPs needs rather than just suggesting that OP waits. Should OP wait for Zen3 and upgrade to the 4000 series or should OP wait and buy a Zen2 that comes down significantly in price? I've got no idea if OP is planning on just buying a CPU and motherboard or if they will need/want a new GPU, PSU, RAM, etc...maybe OP will still be on a budget and pairing a higher end Zen2 + a x570 will be better value for them... So yeah, it kind of matters depending on what OP wants to do with their current setup.
  11. I think this depends - what is your current build, what do you currently run, and what kind of budget are you working with.
  12. As a 5700XT owner I can confirm that the biggest draw back for me thus far has been stability not performance. I often lock my FPS anyways since I'm on a 60hz screen.
  13. So, I've got the ROG 5700XT Strix, and one of the steps I took to tackle the black screen of death issue (which I assumed was made worse by high heat) was to: Adjust the fan curve, it still isn't very loud but now I am keeping the fan running at all times. Temps usually between 60 - 70 stable with 100fps running Warzone at 1080p max settings I moved my CPU cooler to the top of my case and placed two 140mm fans to draw cooler air in - these fans push cool air above and below the card. My assumption is that the heat sync on the back of the card is slightly more effective, but now the triple fans have cool air to pass onto the heat sync. The issue is significantly less annoying since it pops up way less, but my temps are way lower. ex: Right now it's running 37 Celsius on both the GPU & Junction - and underload it will get up to 70 (which is totally fine) My CPU is also running with a slight OC so the air coming off the rad might be slighly higher filling the case (3.894ghz vs stock for the 1800x).
  14. Respectfully, I disagree. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-binning-turing-die-geforce-rtx-2080-rtx-2070,39250.html This seems like a topic that has been covered a lot by a bunch of different folks: Benchmarks in this video showing the 2080 TI FE also out performing the EVGA 2080 Super FTW3...
  15. Right, which according to the support site says supports the 3600. https://www.gigabyte.com/ca/Motherboard/B450-I-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10/support#support-cpu There could be a stability issue or issue with the F51e BIOS.
  16. Yeah but can we all agree it's a beautiful card? I feel like I saw on YouTube someone talked about Nvidia keeping the best dies for their founders editions, so from a performance perspective you might not get what you're looking for in a 3rd party card. However, I feel like those issues have been resolved since launch - Google search results for recent issues doesn't lead me to believe it will be a factor.
  17. OK - my recommendation is to flash back to F40 - it's the first version of the BIOS that supports your chip. Now forget the overclock - set everything to stock and see if that works.
  18. yeah....anyways looking into the board Questions, which BIOS are you running F40 or F51?
  19. Yeah I'm on a x370 board and everytime I turn on all fans spin to 100%...Earnist_ what motherboard is it?
  20. I could get behind this, but I was looking at some benchmarks. I'm in a similar situation - actually considering the Ryzen 5 3600, 7 3700X or Ryzen 9 3900x. Ok, huge range in price right? Absolutely. Right now paired with my 5700xt I'm not expecting a huge leap in performing across the three for current gen - but reading into what's going into Halo Infinite makes me lean towards saving up for the Ryzen 9. I built my tower towards the end of 2018 and got my 1800x on sale for a great price, luckily my board will support this current gen but not next. So, I'm sitting here thinking should I pour the money into something that should be good for 2+ more years or buy the Ryzen 5 and do a compete system rebuild when AMD releases it's next socket. Who knows - but I'm in no rush and I'm going to wait till prices come down/wait to see the new Zen 3's to make my decision.
  21. OK I feel like I've been able to fix both the random shutdown on Ryzen + the BSoD. Haven't had a BSoD in a while - tuning the fan curve and keeping the GPU under 60 - 70c with load seems to be working. Did some sleuthing on reddit - looks like the NIC IS THE ISSUE on shut downs...have tested a few with and without OC...Which would make sense since I ended up using the latest bios after my fresh install...not holding my breath with the BSoD A few other users have made suggestions about tweaking your windows power settings, disabling hardware acceleration for Discord & Chrome and I found it useful with the last round of AMD drivers to disable Instant Replay, Instant GIF, & In-game Replay. One error notice would pop up on restarts that Wattman had crashed but not entirely sure if that was a driver or heat issue.... stay tuned...
  22. Hey folks - posted a while ago about some issues I was having with my setup. Ultimately most of them we're fixed with a fresh install of Windows - but it looks like I am one of the many users experience the blackout with my AMD 5700 XT. The black screen issue happens regardless if I'm playing a AAA title like Warzone with FPS locked to 60fps @ 1080p or LoL. Here are a few things that have added some stability to my setup, but definitely don't feel like I'm out of the BlackSOD phase yet. 1) Fresh install of AMD video drivers, I had done the DDU method previously but just used the AMD standard factory reset feature 2) After some sleuthing I noticed a BIOS update for my ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero, the log lite but essentially just said "stability issues" are resolved so I gave it a whirl. 3) Reconfigured Cooling: I have a Corsair Carbide 275 and decided to mount my H100i on the top of the case and install two 140mm fans on the front of the case - based on the case design these actually sit in a way that sandwiches airflow on top and below the card. The higher fan will move air straight from the front of the case, over the RAM, back of the video card, CPU water block and to a 120mm exhaust fan. The bottom fan pulls just above the white bracket holding the PSU and HDD rack - 50% of the air flow will blow directly in the path of the fans, while the rest moves through the hard drive rack and towards the back of the PSU. 4) I adjusted the standard fan curve to always have the GPU fans on. This has kept temps reasonable while gaming, I've rarely seen the "GPU Current Temp" rise above 70 and the Junction Temp is usually inline which hasn't been the case prior to these changes. The case is also surprisingly quiet under load with CPU temps staying between 45 - 60 from idle to gaming (depending on core clock - OC on the CPU is off, but ram is running @ 3200mhz) Now one issue I noticed is it looks like the metal back plate on the GPU is warped or warping. I never noticed this when I installed the card and I took a really good look at it before throwing it into the system. I'm not too familiar with any caps under this part of the card that could cause this but I am a bit worried about it. Anyone else having these issues? Cheers,
  23. Starting to have similar issues and I upgraded from an AMD 7950 so you could imagine my disappointment. System will lock up mid-game (experienced it quite a bit playing Warzone and even League of Legends) and I'm having issues coming in and out of sleep mode. I am on a bit of a "dated" motherboard on the x370 chipset (ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero) --but if I was still within the return window I would send the card back. Hold off for now or buy a 2070.
  24. Update - SOLVED... Ran the Win10 May 2020 update and cleared CMOS. Looks to be back up and normal again.
  25. yeah, maybe. I don't see how the Sleep issue would be caused by the AMD driver or anything else - this was not an issue prior to installing the new card. I'm going to keep digging into it.