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  1. Alright gonna try that, hope I won't blow my pc up lmao. Again, thank you for your help.
  2. @boggy77 So, after a while of my pc being "stable", it has crashed once again, it crashed while downloading files, which is exactly one of the main symptoms of crashing before I used only 8gb of ram, the main bsod i got was nortskrnl or something like that (for more info on that i have the data from the crash) What should I do now? And after all, what could be the cause of this? Hope I'm not bothering you.
  3. So far haven't gotten a single bsod in gta v, I had the most bsod in there Famous last words
  4. I put a image on my last post of what I am seeing, I'm scared that I won't get into bios again lol, but I'm going to try then, let's see, I will notify once it accrues, if it will
  5. Oh ok, ill notify once it turns on Edit, I can't believe, but I got in bios, now, where is the slot voltage?
  6. Ok, but it's doing the thing you said, how long till it will turn on?
  7. Hmm, gonna try Edit, idk how it will be, but with both sticks in I kept getting bsod all the time, especially when I ran ram intensive games etc, before this it did turn on like this, but bsod were too much, I couldn't do any work at all
  8. My ram is 2666mhz Edit: with my both ram sticks in, I can't even get in bios, also, I can either select xmp on or auto, which one?
  9. It did a slow bleeeep, bleeeep, bleeeep, and just turned off and tried to restart, it just does that
  10. ill try that, we'll see, im going to reply from my phone further on
  11. A2 and B2 are together tho i alredy tried slots 1-3 and 2-4
  12. A2 and B2, could that really be the correct slots? like, that sounds wrong but idk man, anything is possible, ill try
  13. Well, i did reset bios many times, i tried that many times, xmp was disabled, until someone told me to get more performance with single ram stick to enable xmp, so prob not the problem.
  14. So either motherboard or cpu memory control thingie is broken (no, my ram sticks (2x 8 gb) are not broken i tested one each, works fine with single). Basically my ram sticks work only in slot b1 (A1 B1 A2 B2), did i manage to break my motherboard ram slots in the first day, or is my cpu defective? motherboard asrock ab350m pro4 r2.0, cpu ryzen 3 3200g. At the beginning i had bsod, many times, it became worse, and worse, until my pc wouldn't turn on anymore, when ram taken out of slot a1, and put in slot b1, everything works, dual channel slot b1 and b2 does not work tho, so what's the cause? Im looking forward to buy new cpu or motherboard depending on which one should i replace.
  15. Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it a lot
  16. Yeah, I might need to upgrade that too what psu do you recomend?
  17. Oh, then that's good, I'm safe, thanks a lot for your info, if you have time, do I need a better psu? I have 80+ 550w Corsair 550v psu
  18. @TofuHarotonice, 9 3000 was not in my budget anyway the 3700x might be tho, I was wondering about the vram, I mean, you always have the option to liquid nitrogen cool it
  19. I looked it can support up to ryzen 9 3000, as far as I know, with latest bios. @Mateyyy Edit: my cpu budget is 150-200€ so I'll see what I can get for that price
  20. @Mateyyy yeah, cpu I'm getting a new one as I havo no choice mine is a liiitle but broken lol, if amd will bring better gpus for lower cost, I will consider them, might be worth the rtx loss
  21. I am going to buy a new cpu as well, now knowing that my shitty motherboard is enough, hope the psu will be, I'm probably gonna buy 2600x or 3600 maybe, just maybe 3600x, also because I do 3d modeling I might buy 2700x
  22. Ryzen 3200g lol, anyways, thanksfor everyone letting me know, I appreciate your help a lot