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  1. One question for you, during this time, how are you going to get a 2070 at msrp? Rx 580 costs 400-500 right now, so this seems like a terrible time to buy gpu's, unless of course, you're willing to spend massive amounts on gpu only. If you do find one though great for you, just at what price could you tell me? Need to know so I could know how much of budget is being spent on it. Edit: sorry I thought you meant buy 2070 for him not from him, my bad, but still, how much are you spending on it? And is the budget considered left for other parts or parts including gpu?
  2. Could be the ram, its only 800mhz and minecraft is really ram heavy game. Also the shaders aren't well optimized, but I'd say that ram is most likely too slow and 6gb ddr2 800mhz is really not enough, these days 8gb 3200mhz is barley enough for modern titles. Edit: not sure how much this impacts the system, but a better and more ram would be great for you, the ram you have is 800mhz 6cl which is 800/6~133 (speed) and modern ram like 3200mhz cl16 is 3200/16=200 (speed) Which is a pretty big differance, also a dual channel memory would be even faster as it can do 2 calculations at a
  3. I wanted to mine some bitcoin with my gaming pc, since it seems profitable for now, but whenever I mine, for a while my pc mines and then suddenly crashes without any indication as to why. I am mining with nicehash and while gaming there seem to be no problems at all, all games work perfectly. No I didn't overclock, only once upped the limit to my gpu power as I thought that could have been the problem, but it didn't do anything. My pc I'm pretty sure isn't thermal throttling, gpu stay's 60-70 degree (celsius) and idk how to check cpu tough, but it has the stock cooler which seems to be fine.
  4. Welp, that's unfortunate, but I guess I don't have much of a choice.
  5. Well, the truth be told, my brother entered the key for me once I downloaded windows, I asked him how can I get rid of watermark and he just gave me a key
  6. I just chose windows 10 pro when it asked me to choose, nothing else.
  7. Possibly, but why did it work before? Seems a bit confusing to me.
  8. I didn't find the recently changed hardware button so I guess that will have to do it for now, if I'm not wrong, I have the key, except it won't work due to not being able to connect to some server.
  9. Thanks, I'll try the windows media tool, but yeah, windows activation key is prob going to be in the grey area for me.
  10. I've looked at lots of site's with tips how to remove windows watermark, even tried to activate it myself, but it say's that it can't activate windows 10 on this device, because we couldn't connect to the organizations servers. Before hardware update there weren't any problems. This happened right after I got new cpu and motherboard, and updated windows.
  11. Thanks, maybe I will buy one in some time in the future, though it costs a lot so I'll won't buy one anytime soon. Also, how much could the diffarance be in gaming? Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 16 1x 3600mhz and rx 590 gpu.