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  1. It happed once before a horizontal line appeared and that happened but it got back normal in 2-4 minutes or so....fast forward to 20 days it happed again and now it is not going away anymore.only less then half display works. *I changed the resolution once and the lower part became white for moment then back to normal.... nothing happened now. *Lcd haven't got damaged physically. *I tried holding light on the lower part to see its a backlight issue or not but nah its not a backlight issue. *I unplugged the cable to is its gpu issue or not but no its not gpu related. *When something is running in the screen the lower part shows some trace's or line of the stuff happening above..... So is my panel dead? Btw I'm suspecting the 30 pin ribbon cable coz when i unplugged that the screen turned fully white
  2. So guys a quick update.... i just installed windows 7 (Previously was on windows 10) and now when i pluged the gpu in pc booted into windows.i installed all the drivers and started banchmark but as soon as the banchmark started the the whole system crashed. i tried to turn it back on but no post again...now every time it crashes i have to unplug the gpu plug the vga into onboard port then start the pc then boot into windows shut down then plug the gpu in and start the pc...(even crushes on desktop)
  3. i just checked the box and it says minimum 400w power supply and 12v should have a minimum 20A rating......so its the psu then? coz my one delivers 16A on the 12v rail
  4. yeah i have unpluged my gpu now just using the intergrated graphics without any gpu
  5. I hope so.but how did it worked the first few times and gave me gray screen. I have a video look its doing that thing again monitor power button turns blue after a few moments.(it does this when it gets signal from video output) but still no post. VID_20200608_111810.mp4
  6. its powering my old gpu just file it was 31w gtx 750 is 55w. idk what the problem is
  7. It does post and boot into windows without the gtx card and even boot with my old gpu
  8. Its golden field 450w actually Here is the label
  9. My pc spec's: Cpu: Core 2 duo e6500 Ram: 4gb Mobo: esonic g41cdl2 Psu: 500w (12v-16A) I just bought a used gtx 750 and hooked in up on my pc(i was using GeForce 210). First few times it booted and display showed up but after a few moments screen got gray ( i thought i did because of msi afterburner i overclocked my past gpu GeForce 210) and i had to restart (driver wasn't installed). After 3 times it wont post anymore fan still spins but i think is spins a bit slow.idk why i have tried some things with my other gpu so i know : 1)my pci slot is working. 2)dvi to vga converter is working. 3)disabling intergraded graphics doesn't do anything. 4)i have cmos battery removed for a few minutes. After a fresh windows installation still no post. But twice i saw my monitor power led turd blue(it turns blue if it gets some kind of signal otherwise it stays orange) But nothing shows up. So the gpu is dead or i need a better psu.
  10. Thank you very much guys for your time and contributions its really appreciated.
  11. This is my power supply label. What do you think its enough?
  12. So guys hope your doing great..i wanna get a Zotac gtx 750 gpu for my pc currently using a Geforce 210. my system has: CPU; Intel Core 2 duo E6500 @ 2.9 ghz Ram; 4gb ddr3 Mobo:Esonic g41(mini atx i belive) SSD; Normal 240gb ssd PSU: 230 watts Pci: single port ethernet card and a DVD-Rw drive {i am willing to not use the dvd drive anymore} so can can my 230 watt psu handle the gtx 750?