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About RealEWF

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    Not Telling
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    In a cave in Sweden
  • Interests
    PCs and Better PCs.
  • Biography
    A rather cheapskate'ish teenager that wants to have a good PC even though he's sort of a neet.
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  • Motherboard
    Dell-Made Motherboard with G31 socket.
  • RAM
    1gb. I'm fucking poor.
  • GPU
    I'm poor lol. None.
  • Case
    DT optiplex 360
  • Storage
    100gb HDD
  • Display(s)
    Dell model idk but it's 75 hz
  • Cooling
    It's from Dell.
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Some local Chinese mouse I bought from a bargain sale
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 ult.
  • Laptop
    I don't have any.
  • Phone
    A Banged and Fucked up Phone named Brown.
  1. Saw Linus add 8gb ram to a 380, but could it be done to a 360 model?
  2. I did the BSEL mod right, but it BSOD when everytime I want to unrust in tf2. Tf2 is sort of playable with a q6600 btw.
  3. I recently replaced the old thermal paste on my Optiplex, had to remove my CPU to clean it and then reinstalled it and when I attempt to boot it, it didn't boot. When it did, in a few minutes it would BSOD. Please help.
  4. My Monitor Power Cord didn't come with an earthing ping with it. Should I buy a new Cord that's type B or is it fine?
  5. Thank you bro and Paddy-Stone for the link for then. Do I need to do the same with my monitor? Because both don't have the grounding prong.
  6. It's the stock Dell optiplex 360 dt power supply. So should I get a completely new PSU then?
  7. Sorry it took awhile, mt internet sucks. It's also the same case with my monitor, also doesn't have the prong. Should I order both of them new cords with the third prong with them? The AVR behind is where I insert both monitor and cpu plug.
  8. My Power cords don't have the third prong. Should worry about it and get a prong for it?
  9. No man, I'm book marking just in case I need it. I'm prolly gonna get the processor in a few weeks or more. Thanks and sorry for bothering you
  10. So uh... Any link to the copper heatsink?