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About RealEWF

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    In a cave in Sweden
  • Gender
    Not Telling
  • Interests
    PCs and Better PCs.
  • Biography
    A rather cheapskate'ish teenager that wants to have a good PC even though he's sort of a neet.
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  • Motherboard
    Dell-Made Motherboard with G31 socket.
  • RAM
    1gb. I'm fucking poor.
  • GPU
    I'm poor lol. None.
  • Case
    DT optiplex 360
  • Storage
    100gb HDD
  • Display(s)
    Dell model idk but it's 75 hz
  • Cooling
    It's from Dell.
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Some local Chinese mouse I bought from a bargain sale
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 ult.
  • Laptop
    I don't have any.
  • Phone
    A Banged and Fucked up Phone named Brown.
  1. (Sorry bout the solution, misclicked). Shit. Probably human error since I tried to adjust the cables and as I did it, smoke cam from the back, but not from the PSU fans.
  2. I was booting the pc, I was waiting there, and then all of a sudden smoke came out of the back of the Optiplex, is immediately unplugged everything and let it cool off for the day before opening it and inspecting it. I didn't find anything wrong inside. From what I can see.
  3. theres some but i dont really care about it. so after i delete both of them what will i do?
  4. Installed a 500bg HDD, booted it and it got split in half into Local Drive (E:) & (F). How do i combine both of them?
  5. Unfortunately I use a Windows 7. And I downloaded the installer from the web (geforce_experience_v3.20.5.70) but they don't work for some reason. Redownloaded it and it didn't work. Rebooted and tried to install it again and it didn't work.
  6. I've managed to make it work, but I don't know why my GT 1030 shows up as Standard VGA Adaptor in the Device manager.
  7. Oh it's bellow the white (And oh yeah a small bracket didn't come with the GPU so I had to improvise)
  8. Also just incase this the thing that is displayed
  9. That's the only GPU I have lmao, too poor buy another
  10. Uh no, it's kinda like this but the other end is an hdmi. I bought the thing from a local seller in China (I do have those bulky ones incoming in a few days)
  11. It's connected to the GPU through an HDMI to VGA adaptor(screens are expensive rn lol) and I don't really see any labels on it I have an Optiplex 360, stock everything we except the q6600 and a newly installed GT 1030. And run with the windows 7, I dont know the specifics.
  12. I think is around these parts, above that white cables