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  1. Thank you for your response. I'll try it and see what happens.
  2. If that's a debugging joke I like it haha. It's not in a case yet, whenever I do a build I test it outside of the case first.
  3. I know what it is, I looked on the Asus website. I put it in my post. My reason for posting here was to find out what it is and how to fix it.
  4. Forgot to mention the GPU haha. It's a Radeon RX 5700 XT (8gb vRAM, DDR6)
  5. I bought some components for a new workstation and installed everything. I have come to test it outside the case and when I boot it's stuck on qcode 61 which according to Asus website is "NVRAM initialization". My specs are; Asus prime trx40-pro Threadripper 2960X G.Skill TridentZ Royal 2x32GB at 3600 MHz Radeon RX 5700 XT (8gb DDR6 vRAM) 1200w PSU (overkill I know) I have reseated the RAM, GPU and CPU. I have moved the RAM into different slots (currently using A1 & B1). I've tried it with just 1 stick of RAM. I've also cleared the CMOS. The only things plugged into the computer are a wired keyboard and mouse. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of things to try please let me know. Edit: forgot to add GPU in origional post. Thanks, Lexi