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  1. Lyconroc

    Old Rebuild

    thx well i know its old and i have another question with the lenovo motherboard it still has an old port that looks like m.2 but its for wifi cards that are small im using that rn with an old intel wifi card and its DANGEROUSLY slow its runing at like 10mps when my wifi is 350 so im thinking of getting a wifi card for pcieX and wondering can i get good numbers with it
  2. Lyconroc

    Old Rebuild

    Hey my mom just upgraded her old prebuild to a new one, and so she took EVEYTHING out and later on i rebuilt it the same. and mind you this is from like 2014, im just asking to see if this is a good pc and what rate would u give it AMD A10-7850K, Radeon R7 Graphics 12GB DDR3 (3x4) EVGA Geforce GT 1030 2GB 2TB Seagate 3.5" HDD