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  • CPU
    AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz 4.0GHz Boost 4-Core
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo Prebuilt ATX Motherboard
  • RAM
    1600MHz 12GB 3*4
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GT 1030 2GB
  • Case
    Lenovo Prebuilt Case
  • Storage
    Seagate 500GB 2.5" (Boot Drive) Toshiba 500GB HDD 2.5" (2nd Drive)
  • PSU
    FSP 450W 80+ Platinum
  • Display(s)
    Old INSIGNIA 19" TV
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler w/120mm Fan
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K120
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
  • Sound
    HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home x64
  • Phone
    Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB
  1. I havent really learned about RX cards cuz i just kept to NVIDIA Cards, i was just hoping to get good performance out of this cpu cuz i cant afford a pc so any money i put in this pc soon enough when i can build a pc i will have some parts already. i just wanna make sure the 1650S wasnt a bottleneck cuz thats the one im looking at.
  2. Well i was planning on sticking with a Nvidia card cuz im not the best with RX Cards, but idk if the GTX 1650Super would be a bottleneck on a A10 CPU
  3. So i got my moms old pc, it has a AMD A10-7850K and a GT1030 2GB. She used to have a 1050Ti in it. but im wondering how much of a bad bottleneck would i get if i put a GTX 1650 Super in? and it bottlenecks bad should i just go for a 1050Ti?
  4. thx well i know its old and i have another question with the lenovo motherboard it still has an old port that looks like m.2 but its for wifi cards that are small im using that rn with an old intel wifi card and its DANGEROUSLY slow its runing at like 10mps when my wifi is 350 so im thinking of getting a wifi card for pcieX and wondering can i get good numbers with it
  5. Hey my mom just upgraded her old prebuild to a new one, and so she took EVEYTHING out and later on i rebuilt it the same. and mind you this is from like 2014, im just asking to see if this is a good pc and what rate would u give it AMD A10-7850K, Radeon R7 Graphics 12GB DDR3 (3x4) EVGA Geforce GT 1030 2GB 2TB Seagate 3.5" HDD