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  1. any suggestions on where or how i would even begin to plan out what i might need?
  2. unfortunately; only USA,Canada and BC can enter. Not an international competition
  3. true; it goes for 800 dollars on ebay (one seller is doing that at least) but i live half way across the world so couldn't get it delivered to me.
  4. Tl;dr is that i want to figure out if ,given enough trial and error, a 17 year old moron with a macbook and some hopes and dreams could possibly DIY a L16 (camera/phone thingy from comapny called Light) from scratch using salvaged parts from other devices such as crappy 4K cameras and other cheap parts. I'm well aware the L16 cost 30 million in rnd to make but i'm still curious on how insane and/or 'maybe' plausible it is to DIY one. Haven't seen any posts about it elsewhere so posting here
  5. I have Bluetooth ones too but they aren’t as bass heavy as I’d like . Plus they like to not stay on my head and fall off very easily.
  6. My cat chewed through the cable making play static and I ended up cutting it off in an attempt to solder the jack back after removing the damaged parts. Had no luck soldering and ended up getting too frustrated and tired. Thanks for your help though
  7. I have a gaming headset from Havit that has three cables. A usb cable for lighting, a audio out and a microphone in. The audio cable died because of course it did and and now I can’t use it to listen to music . I tried plugging the USB port into a MacBook to try and get audio out and even tried to google for a way to convert my microphone cable to a headphone jack cable like the one that tore off. Is there ANY way that I can do it. I can’t buy another headset because reasons and I really like this havit headset and I don’t want to believe that this headset is just e waste now