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  1. I have some old phones and a laptop lying around that I have not used in quite a while, and I'm not sure if they even work anymore. How should I go about getting money for these items? I will provide pictures and whatever info I can on request.
  2. Got everything sorted -- just had to turn on Compatibility Support Mode, and change "Storage Devices" to UEFI Only. Worked like a charm -- thanks for all the help LTT Forum denizens!
  3. I have not done that, will it screw too much with the information already present on the drives?
  4. I just found something called Compatibility Support Mode and it mentions UEFI, I'll see if that helps.
  5. Hello again, this is kind of a continuation from earlier today. I was just poking around in my BIOS (still no visible boot drives in the Boot tab), but when I checked the SATA Configuration section of "My Favorites", there they were, plain as day -- my SSD and my hard drive, from my existing system, detected through the SATA ports like nothing was wrong. I am now out of ideas, so I would like to know how to boot to my computer, if there are any settings I need to change, what I can do to move forward. One more time, specs: - Ryzen 7 3700X - ZOTAC 1070 Ti Mini - 16 (2×8) GB G.Skill 3200 MHz RAM - ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact - Seasonic Prime 1000PX - 240 GB SSD + 3 TB HDD
  6. It's not showing the drives at all. I think I'll try some of Tristerin's recommendations and test one at a time to see if any of that works.
  7. This is an update post from an earlier issue I had with my new motherboard -- quick summary, I bought the Mini-DTX board from ASUS, kept getting Q-Code 02, and I just recently (about an hour ago) got to the BIOS after flashing a new version. Now I can't boot because the BIOS doesn't detect either of my boot drives; both are plugged in, with both power and SATA connections. I need help figuring this out. My specs: - Crosshair VIII Impact - ZOTAC 1070 Ti Mini - Ryzen 7 3700X - 16 (2×8) GB 3200 MHz G.Skill RAM - 240 GB SSD (boot drive) + 3TB HDD (bulk storage) - Seasonic Prime PX1000
  8. I AM AT THE BIOS!!! Q-Code A9, "Start of Setup". However, I'm still running into the same issue that my motherboard cannot detect the boot SSD or my hard drive. What do I do from here?
  9. Didn't know you had to press and hold the BIOS Flash button! Trying that now.
  10. I downloaded the BIOS update onto my flash drive and plugged it into the BIOS port, the board did detect that it was plugged in, but the issue remains -- jumps from code A2 to code 02, if that's any help.
  11. I did not see what version of BIOS I have installed, I will install version 1201 once I can get back to the BIOS. Unfortunately, this Q-Code means my computer can't even POST. Something is preventing me from even reaching the BIOS, I'm not sure what happened overnight to get me there since I was asleep.
  12. EDIT 1: Maybe giving some extra Q-Codes will help... Right before my computer goes into a boot cycle (not reaching POST), I see code 39 switch to code 27 -- Code 39 is in the range for "Post-Memory System Agent initialization is started", while Code 27 is not listed in the guise provided by ASUS. Also, when the system hangs without POST, the Q-Code switches from A2 - "IDE Detect" to the aforementioned 02 code. I got a new ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact in the mail yesterday, transplanted the internals from my old system -- Ryzen 7 3700X, ZOTAC GeForce 1070 Ti Mini, a 240GB SSD and a 3TB hard drive, as well as 16 GB of G.Skill 3200 MHz RAM -- when I tried to boot, I kept getting a Q-Code error 02: "AP initialization before microcode loading". I went to sleep, thinking I would deal with the issue today; when I woke up, my computer was booting to the BIOS, so I checked there. Everything was plugged in and properly seated, at least I thought so, but the BIOS did not recognize that there were any bootable drives installed -- it didn't seem to recognize any installed drives whatsoever. I saw on another forum that the issue might simply be caused by a poorly seated graphics card, so I pulled out my graphics card, and noticed something else unsettling -- hopefully someone can answer this, but is the second-to-last contact pin on the radiator side of a graphics card supposed to be shorter than the others? Of course, when I reseated it, I ran into the same problem. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone! Due to some recent events, I'm going to be coming into a significant amount of money, and I'd like to get as much preliminary information on building a loop as possible. The case I'll be using is an In Win D-Frame Mini, and it has a single space for installing a 240mm radiator. I'm planning to purchase a 60mm thick radiator and four Noctua high static pressure fans in a push-pull configuration to give myself some headroom for overclocking. Before I commit to anything, I would like to confirm this works with a more dedicated user base. I brought this question to Reddit, but the only response I got was from some asshole who basically said "fuck off newbie" in the guise of giving advice. Anyway, my main question is now one of manufacturers. I know there are more companies than just EK making waterblocks and pumps and such -- Alphacool, Aquacool, Aquacomputer, Barrow, Hardware Labs, Koolance, Optimus, Watercool... I'd like to know which of these (if any of them) are best to use for a (likely) single-rad system. In theory I could install a 30mm radiator on the bottom and the side, but I'd rather avoid that if at all possible. TL;DR: Making my first watercooled PC. Got two big questions. 1 - Does a 60mm x 240mm radiator do the same amount of work as two 30mm x 240mm radiators? 2 - Which company makes the best radiators and waterblocks? It could just be one or the other, I want the best performing parts for my rig