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  1. Good to know, thanks. For now I just need to get this working, I have some classwork I need to get done.
  2. Alright then, I'll take a look in the BIOS again, see if I can't make it work with a different RAID setup.
  3. Flexing and future-proofing is the only point I need. Games are gonna be utilizing high-speed storage more in the future, best to be ahead of the curve. If you have advice, maybe with regards to installing drivers through the Windows 10 install page, I'd appreciate it.
  4. I've recently purchased two 1TB Sabrent Rocket SSDs, I've gotten them into a RAID 0 array, and have begun encountering an issue -- I've got the latest version of the RAID drivers, the latest Windows 10 install, but I can't seem to properly load the RAID drivers... if that's even what's occurring. I'm going through the steps described in the quick start manual AMD provides, I'm trying to load the drivers, and yet the computer isn't recognizing that the two SSDs are capable of having Windows 10 installed to them. Any help would be appreciated. The loading bar for the drivers keeps filling t
  5. It's a pretty baseline machine -- Ryzen 3400G, no GPU, the whole build will be about $400-450 for parts alone. I do still want it to look good, though -- I might do a bit of cable management.
  6. I've recently been requested by a friend to build a gaming PC -- nothing too crazy, "just enough so that Minecraft doesn't run like a slideshow" -- and they want to be certain they're not undercharging me for my work. About what percent of a pre-built PC's final cost comes from the work done by the builders?
  7. Well, seeing as how I live on a college campus, I'll definitely be looking into it!! Thank you for confirming that for me!
  8. Allow me to recount the experiences that have led me this far: - I've recently made quite a significant windfall - I've decided to finally put some proper money into a computer, in the hopes of making a system that will last at least five years of mainline releases - Part of this idea necessitates modifying the main backplate of my In-Win D-Frame Mini The dimensions are as shown in the images -- I'm still making modifications, but these designs are mostly final. I've been in communication with a company called ProtoCase in the past, and as I recall their price for older designs s
  9. Thank you for all the advice! 3090 it is for me! Wish me luck...
  10. If all goes according to plan and I stay in this section of the program, I'll be starting work with Lumion in December.
  11. The RTX 3090 releases tomorrow, and information on the upcoming Quadro 6000 based on GA102 is just starting to filter out into the public consciousness, so I figure I should get some feedback on workloads I'll be working with, as well as some advice on my next course of action. I'm building a computer that I consider a sort of "modern briefcase" that should be future-proofed fairly well, at least until I'm a few years into my first job at an architecture firm. My coursework mainly consists of work in AutoCAD, Rhino, and eventually Lumion, as well as the Adobe suite (primarily Photo
  12. Material doesn't really matter to me, whatever's inexpensive. I'm hoping for aluminium, just to keep things light, but I'd be okay working with steel if that's my only option. The backplate is going to be about 4mm thick, and the bracket about 2mm thick.
  13. Here are the images of the pieces -- the motherboard plate is roughly 360x360mm, and the old radiator bracket is 240mm x 145mm in order to give myself some clearance over the I/O bar.
  14. ...Just noticed I posted the same file twice. Let me change that in just a moment.