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  1. Will this wipe the hdd and boot drive together ?
  2. I’m planning on selling my pc. Right now it’s got a boot drive and hdd and the free version of windows made with windows Media creation tool. How would I go about erasing all my data but keeping the windows on there? I’m not bothered about data recovery As it’s being sold to a cousin
  3. Ok so my power supply only has an 8 pin gpu power connection but I’m pretty sure the Gtx 1060 3gb I’ve got comin is a 6 pin power, Ive got a splitter coming 8 pin female to 2 male 6 pins power. Would it be safe for the graphics card to use this splitter ?
  4. Yeah ok I’ll definitely do that, And I’ll get on a ram stability check now, cheers for the help You’ve really help me out
  5. Lesson well learnt, to be honest I put it together with no issues I was waiting for something to go wrong eventually lmao. The dram speed is back to normal. If this happens again it’s down the power supply am I right it’s literally the only thing I cheaped out on
  6. That’s what I thought originally but it was fine before, I Was playing the outer worlds for couple hours session yesterday and today I would of thought it wouldn’t of work from the get go. I also jus went to change the ram speed back but there’s no overclock option anymore only ez mode
  7. So it booted after I did it again, is there anyway I can see now it’s on what caused it . Idle temps keep shooting up to 40 degrees randomly is this normal?
  8. No nothing comes on my screen, the debug light when I press the power button ls flashing cpu then vga Then boot. Could the power supply have mucked up the whole system
  9. Also I checked the debug light has changed from cpu to boot I am not sure when this happened could of been before or after reseating battery
  10. I did this and powered up and nothing happened
  11. reallY trying not to break anything, how long should I hd the power button for to discharge them like a minute ?
  12. Not one windows error. It literally rebooted itself come on I was like ok I clearly shouldn’t have overclocked the memory. Rebooted got to bios changed the memory and blamo no boot