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  1. Would it be possible to get an ssd with windows 10 pre installed on it on an older machine?
  2. My mums asked me to fix her old laptop, it’s a Sony vaio model pcg 7131M, but I’m not too sure what’s actually wrong, the screen has weird lines on it but only on the vaio screen not on the boot screen part. and it says I need to either start windows normally or repair , when I click repair it tried to repair the disk but it must of failed because I went away and come back it turned off I turned it back on to get the same screen. My question is should I replace the hard drive or motherboard? Neither is going to be expensive jus want to know where to start.
  3. I’m doing a fun project where I’m taking this old Mac 1.1 and tryna make it the best I could for that time , I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could find 1333mhz ecc ddr2 32gb ram kits. I know it’s still not going to be a fast computer I’m doing this for some fun to fill in my spare time
  4. What would a safe cpu upgrade be as I am not sure what the power supply is rated for
  5. Yeah they’re saying over temp when it’s plugged in then when I press power button it flashes fail
  6. It’s a relic I’d like to get some use out of if I can
  7. So I’ve seen the light I’ve jus opened it, it’s saying cpu a and cpu b is the issue, if reseating doesn’t fix are they dead?
  8. I do not and didn’t know that , that’s super annoying I’ll have to check if my kit has them when I’m home
  9. I’ve got a really old Mac Pro I jus got hold off for free I’m wanna upgrade it a bit as it’s for light music creation as I have a pc for games. It’s currently not working the power led flashes when plugged in but no boot. What are some steps I could take to figure out what’s wrong without getting replacement parts straight away. Jus looking for some inspiration of where to start. I’ve uploaded a picture of the model number etc
  10. I’ve had a look and the Lian li air one looks exactly like what I want thank you!
  11. I’m after suggestions for a new case. i want something big like really big doesn’t have to be flashy or come with fans I jus want a really big case with loads of cable management room. I’m looking to spend around 100/120£ tops. help me out!!!
  12. temps never broke 85, i have no idea what them letters mean. also when i did a cinebench before overclock it was like 1150