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  1. Nice great to hear, Yea so while playing fortnite in the menu I get 61c then while playing its around 65, on the first and 3rd bench test it said average was 67c is that okay? I do only have 3 stock fans in my pc right now Do you think adding 3 more fans will bring the gpu temp down even more? Nd by the way how much did you increase your card by to get those like 1200 over 230ish? nd how's your temp looking? Good to know by the way Ill for sure leave them turned up; im guessing I can probably get more OC out of this too maybe like another 20 or so points of clock and few hundred more for memory; is their a temperature that I shouldn't let it go over ya think?
  2. Thanks for the info man, So for me when I tried afterburner a week ago it messed up my cpu and lookd it at a certain freq and I couldnt change it so had to do a system restore, But I OC'd on precison x1 twice and got pretty good results so far; let me know what you think of them, So I'm getting about 8001/2055 on fortnite right now, and games running perfect, I increased it by 250/87 These are my 2 tests on 3dmark first test and third test; let me know how its looking so far if its worth keeping, 1st test- https://www.3dmark.com/spy/12748302 3rd test- https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/48242893? Thanks for help oh yea by the way I'm not sure if Im suppose to turn the voltage and target power back down after I do the test or I do I leave them maxed out always when I'm running the card OC'd?
  3. ah nice thats good to hear, Yea the coil whine while benchmarking isnt bad on heaven bench only the certain scenes on userbench; while gaming its just a bit, I was actually going to get the white 2080 super asus rog strix at first but people told me the evga would be better for support and upgrading if I want with step up, would of looked really nice in my white case but all good, Do you have any guide on how I go about testing how good my card can OC? I looked on the precision x1 software but Im confused Thanks bud
  4. ah okay great to know man thanks, I dont know much about OC'in but just looked it up a little before writing this, do you have any good guides on how I can test if it will do 2085/8000? Not sure what those vaules are is that memory/gpu clock? Yea I think it hits like 500-600 fps at that scene so I guess it makes scene; its not too horrible with my headset on Thanks for reply bud, Good to know yea it's not too bad just a little bit annoying on a new card, I have a p600s and with all the panels on I barley hear it but I like to keep the top panel off to help with airflow, I need to get 3x more fans for the case only using the stock 3x right now, nd yea I only really hear it make the weird nose when running that scene while gaming its just like a humming noise not horrible with my headset on Thanks for replying back man, Yea I dont think Ill RMA it; I think I might just start the return process on newegg not replaced so they cant turn it down, then try and find out how to OC and see if its a good OC card worth keeping
  5. Hey sup everyone, Built my first pc ever last week and all has been going perfect, it has a EVGA 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra in it; havent OC'd it yet at all I wanted to do a userbench test the other day to see what it would score, So my first test I think I had a game running in the background and the store's were soso, Then my next test I turned off the game and ran another test and noticed the fan was making coil whine noises after the 2nd and 3rd fan started running, It seems to make the noise really loud for about 3 second when it gets to the scene in userbench when it gets the to 3rd scene were the circle object rotates; also minimal whine when on the other fps scenes, I'm also noticing somewhat of the whine when playing warzone and fortnite on 240 fps+ Is this normal or did I maybe cause this to start when I ran the userbench with the game running? My main question is do you guys think I should return or replace this to newegg? I have until tonight to file the return to newegg then 30 days for them to receive it, Or should I just keep it and deal with the whine? I think it might be a good idea to submit the return or replace then do more testing, also do you think return or replace would be better? Appreciate the help I'm very lost on what I should do Thanks
  6. Yea I think nice color would be a good thing since I'm going to use it for competitive gaming/streaming and youtube too I think what I'm going to do is test out the alienware IPS 240hz one from BB then return it in 15 days for refund if I dont like it; I really want to get the Benq XL2546S but its not in stock anywhere right now; the 27S version is on amazon right now but I think 27 is a bit big for me and its 649 which is alott ya know I could always just get the Aorus one but I think I might as well try out the IPS and see how it goes
  7. ah okay yea I for sure got this confused; I always thought when it said 1ms or .5ms it was talking about the responce time for input lag lol So I guess it doesnt really make too figure of a difference then will color
  8. ah okay thats good to hear; yea I probably wouldnt even use it, Only feature I did kind of like was the dynamic accurecy; which helps with mussle flash Yea I think Ill test the alienware for a couple weeks and see if the response time is good enough for me, nd if its not then maybe the benq will be in stock by that time that I originally wanted
  9. Yea for sure their always going to be positives and negatives; atleast both of them have pretty good reviews so thats good, But yea I guess trying Alienware will be my choice, even though with my mail and rebate for aorus it will be same price Main thing I worried about is it getting good response time oh okay good to know so thats not the actual responce time more for colors got ya; a little confusing ill have to research it more
  10. Great to know thanks, I think my best bet might be picking up alienware as a tester and returning it if I need within 15 days, When you say 3.11ms and 6.4ms does that mean those are the ms times I'm going to get while gaming? A little confused on that Appreciate your help edit- I did forget to mention the Aorus does come with a $50 mail in rebate so makes it about same price for both after that
  11. Thanks for that I'm for sure going to check that one out; if you had to pick between the alienware or aorus which would you go? Yea the IPS does look nice for color for sure; I just wish the alienware had more feature's like accuracy boost and cross hair and stuff; it does has pretty nice response time form what I see Thanks for that, I watched that video a little bit ago and for sure helped; does seem like a very nice montior but will some flaws Yea I think I might give the alienware a try cause I can always return it and get the benq I originally wanted if it comes in stock, their pretty much no difference between 1ms and 3ms right? Only thing I wish about the alienware is it had more gaming features like the aorus one has, but I guess it wouldnt hurt to try the alienware out and hey maybe the aorus will be at the 389 price tag again by then
  12. Yea I for sure want a 240hz; I'm very into competitive gaming and most of the game's I play will reach 200+ fps If not I'd prob get a benq 1440p 144hz for good color It for sure is a hard choice picking one lol so many options out their, I think I might get the Alienware to test out since I can return it than get a different one if I don't like it; but I did hear the Aorus is pretty nice with color's too so maybe I should just get that one while I have $37 off on it, I did see that it was little at 389 in past though so kind of discouraging to buy at 482 ya know, I just wish the benq one I wanted was in stock id get that one right away my last monitor about 8 years ago was benq and I loved it Thats funny you mention that one; it was on my list originally but I tried out my brother's 27in and I say I do like 24in alot more for competitive Also thats good to hear their established the Aorus one's
  13. Hey sup everyone, I'm having a very hard time picking my new monitor; Built my first gaming pc last week and need a monitor bad; my build is a 2080 super evga ftw3 and 3700x on a 570 tomahawk Been using a 42in to test my pc which has been very hard to game on lol Right now I think I've narrowed my choice down to 2 monitors either the Aorus KD25F which will coast me $482 or the Alienware AW2521HFL which will coast me $421 So I'll be using this for mainly competitive gaming and streaming; while also watching youtube and stuff on the side, I heard the TN panel will be better for response times but the IPS better for color's One big thing is the Aorus I cant return for refund only exchange in 30 days; the Alienware I can return within 15 days for full refund, Also Aorus is a bit new to monitors so not sure if it is a good choice, but it does have a ton of feature's which is nice, I do need my monitor to be 24in thats what I preffer Which do you guys think I should go with? or do you think their a diffrent one I should get, I do with I could get a benq xl2546S but their sold out everywhere, Thanks for your help
  14. Hey sup everyone, I started building my first pc ever today after getting my 570 tomahawk in mail Having trouble figuring out where to connect my 4 pin fan hub input on my motherboard, Case is a Phanteks p600s The problem is all the SYS Fan header's are way to far away, I could connect it into the Pump fan 1 header it's a 4 pin header and would reach perfect; should I do this? I could also change this to PWM mode to DC mode I''m pretty sure it says in user guide; should I change it to DC mode if I do this? Thanks for the help guys!
  15. Thanks bud, Newegg literally stocked them when I randomly went to check it Got my order in for the tomahawk and both sold out already on amazon and newegg