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  1. Gotcha thanks alot for that, So kind of confused so after you plugged the fans into a pwm fan hub all pump noise/fan noise was gone? Yea I also really like the EK-DRGB but the 360 version but its sold out everywhere, I have heard issues of it leaking though. Only other one I'd consider is the Lian Li Galahead Silver 360 buts its also sold out everywhere. I think I may just go with Noctua NH-D15 like I was going to orginally, I really wanted a AIO but dont wan to deal with these pump issues. Even if the Noctua will kill my build look. Lmk about th
  2. Thanks for reply, Have you tried out either of these btw? I'm so confused trying to pick out a 280m AIO so I can put my 2x QL140mm on it. Need to figure it out soon lol. Oh shoot great to know thanks, I think the m.2 is a little bit farther away on the tomahawk when looking at pictures, but still close esp the top vrm's. By the way how do you like the Liquid Freezer? In terms of pump noise, also I plan to use it as a push/pull config with 2x of my QL140 so hopefully my p600s is bigger enough in front for that. I swear pickin
  3. Hey sup everyone, Trying to decide between these two AIO's to replace my stock 3700x cooler and future 5900x cooler. Was going to go with a Nzxt or Corsair at first but heard the newer one's you deal with bad pump sound at certain rpm. So now I'm trying to decide between these two. My plan is to put 2x of my Corsair QL140 fans on either the front or back of the RAD for push and pull in my p600s case. Anyone have experience with either of these and can comment on the pump noise? I do like the look of the fractal
  4. So yea I think Im going to order the H115i Capellix today, My plan is to front mount it and put my 2x QL 140mm fans in the front to pull in air to the rad, Do you guys think I will suffer performance doing this? I'm switch from stock 3700x cooler so hoping its a bit better, I could also mount the included ML140, on the back side of the radiator but not sure if thats a good idea My last option would be to get a EK-AIO 360 D-RGB instead of the Corsair completely. I heard its good but dont know for sure. Let me know what yo
  5. Hey sup guys, I finally decided the CPU cooler I want for my 3700x and future 5900x, I had wanted the Noctua at first but felt it would kill my builds style, So now I think Im going to get a Corsair H115i Capellix, Question I had is would it kill performance if I used my 2x Corsair QL140mm Fans on it, instead of the one's that it comes with? I plan to front mount it if I use my QL fans. Thanks for help
  6. For sure that one has amazing reviews, but only the 420 version is in stock anywhere and I need to order this cooler asap. So pretty much these are my big 3 choices, I think I would go Noctua right now with white headsinks covers but I feel it would cover my ram and back fan RGB, So yea I think I may give the Corsair one a try sense I have 3x QL140's already. I do love the NZXT though and heard it performs better and quieter. I dont think Ill ever decide lmao, I think I might just give the Corsair or NZXT a try even though it will make it so I cant us
  7. Sorry forgot to mention I will upgrading to 5900x very soon, That for sure seems like a nice cooler but I think would kill my build design, for Noctua Id be getting the white heatsink covers if I dont go AIO Mainly was trying to see if anyone has experience with either AIO
  8. Hey sup guys, I made a thread a few days ago trying to decide on a CPU cooler, I think I almost have decided what I want, Right now I'm torn between the Noctua NH-D15 Black or CORSAIR iCUE H115i ELITE CAPELLIX or NZXT Kraken Z63 Right now the Noctua and H115i will coast about the same $20 less for the H115i if I get 2x white headsink covers for my Noctua. The NZXT would be $100 more then Noctua. Does anyone have experiance with either of these AIO's, will help me pick between the two or the Noctua today. Here's a pict
  9. Oh yea 100% I canceled the Noctua order right after that then refreshed the page and it was $104 so getting it for $110 total shipped, Guess it was a price mess up, only $4 more then msrp. Only thing with the fan cooler I think it might mess up how my build looks a bit why I do like the AIO's like EK and Corsair, But at the same time not having to deal with pump issues/noise is a huge plus Do you think the Noctua wont be good enough for the 5900x?
  10. Thanks for posting those, The Deepcool one is actually really nice with alot of clearance., Also the EK are pretty nice too good reviews on it, Is their a section that rates the different AIO"S and ranks them like for the PSU section? For me I'd say id be leaning toward Corair AIO,EK, or Nzxt for AIO, But I did secure the Noctua so I might go with it, not bad for the $110, and I can put the white panels on it to match my build. I do still think the AIO would look alot better in my build, hard choice need to make up
  11. #Edit- After buying the Noctua for $154.95 I refreshed the page and saw it for sale for $104.95 direct from Noctua, this is a fair price right? I'm still considering the AIO have until the 14th to cancel Noctua so Yea Wooden shipping in the US. I actually did find a chromax black on amazon direct from Noctua Cooling Solutions but for some reason it coast's $154.95 thats way overpriced it's just suppose to coast $100 right? Thanks for letting me know they both clear the trident Z Neo that helps alot. I might consider the dark rock pro 4 instead because thats only
  12. Very true I had thought about that, only thing is my cousin doesn't want to mess with himself at all after it built. By himself at least. But yea I guess in the future I could maybe meet up with him only thing is we live in different states. Guess I'm going to have to think on it have a few days before amazon charge's me. Thanks
  13. Good information thanks, So yea he will be having a ryzen cpu either a 3700x or 5600x. and his storage will be a 970 evo Plus. I know he wont have too many programs open at once and he doesnt yet plan to use it for gaming. Just maybe have 1-2 programs open at a time I guess for the voice stuff. He plans to use it for recording his voice for commercials and possibly tv shows hes been working with someone on. So not sure I also have a few other options on ram but the 16gb 3600mhz 16CL def gives the most room on his budget. the current ram the 32 vengeance coast 164
  14. Gotcha thats good to know might consider a good AIO then, would only get something really good if it was a AIO, So for the cooler I hope to use it on my 5900x I plan to get soon. I might use it on my 3700x before then but think waiting for the 5900x might be a better idea. My only cooler I have is a wraith prism so for sure will need it for the 5900x either way ya know. Right now Im using a p600s with 32gb ram 3600mhz 16, So Im not sure what would be better for the 5900x a 280mm or 360mm AIO, I can get pretty much any model but I like the 3 I listed abo
  15. Dark rock 4 I could get now the Noctua cant find one anywhere for retail, Im just not sure on ram clearance with the dark rock Do you think those AIO options have a chance of messing up?